Last week started out on a sad note, as my mom passed away a year ago on the 20th November. It ended on a beautiful, happy note, as my nephew became a father, to a beautiful little girl on that day, around the same time my mom passed on, and they gave their daughter my mom's name, and called her "Hope" tis the circle of life. Isn't that something!!

I decided to do a quick graphite drawing of her its about 10x10
Baby has a few health issues, so sleeps alot.
Couldn't get her with her eyes open.
Graphite doesn't show up well here, better in real life.
She's got hair already.



To find Islamorada Florida Keys Painting..........Click Here

My First Tutu
Future Ballerina in costume......what a sweetie. Hard to resist. This is from a Weekend painting event at WetCanvas. Hope you enjoy!!

"Wating Backstage"
Young ballerina waiting backstage to go on.
Stretching her legs.
Watching the performance
This is where I love to watch them!!!

Graphite about 9x12
This drawing is a part of a photo reference for the WDE(weekend drawing event) from last week on WetCanvas, an artists website. The host had a lovely photo of two young girls at their dance recitile. I didn't have time to paint, but played around with the drawing during the week.

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Some Graphite Drawings

Did this one to draw the angle of the head which I
knew would be hard to do. In the original he's
laying on top of his motorcycle, and resting his
head on the bars. Just trying to get the pose
right, as I would like to paint him on his bike.
About 10x10 graphite

Quick Nap I

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Surprise.........Look out for the Ghosts and Goblins!!
My daughter and I each carved a pumpkin on Friday night. So I called her to email me over a picture of them, as I left mine there because I'm doing Halloween with them. First time we have done pumpkins together for seven years since she moved out, and we roasted the seeds in the oven too.....they were so good!!! Anyways here's ours, I did the eyes, and she did the face, can't believe she got a pic without showing the pumpkin shapes, must have had all the lights off outside.

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"Santa's Magic"

It's getting near that time of year again, and I wanted to get a few paintings done early!! Had a few requests last Xmas for Santa, so going to do a some of him first.
This was done all with brush work, no drawing, and since I tend to overwork paintings, I stopped, before I normally would, and left a few flaws, that now I'm looking at him here, I really like that I left them gives him more character I think. Acrylic 9 x 12 Canvas. Your comments and points of view are welcome here!!

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Bored? Another "Great Playsite"

Hi all,
Found another great site to capture your interest!! You get to play with sand, that's right!! SAND!! It's called "World Of Sand" here's the URL:


Kept me going for a while........have fun!!!!



Did this one today adding it to the
series Nov 24/06.
Thought it was time to add another.

"Scotch On The Rocks" 11x14 Graphite
Did another one today, I'm having too much fun with these!!.
Need some good names for them, open to suggestions, post them in comments.
Calling this one for now.......
"Paunch"..........11 x 14 Graphite



On the light side, here are some sketches done today on perhaps some future paintings, based on people I've viewed in bars,clubs, and resturants over the years. These first two women, I'm calling "Bar Babes" for now. We'll see what happens after I think on them some more.

"What Can I Get Ya" - Graphite 11 x 14in

Over The Hill - Willow Charcoal 11 x 14

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Banff Alberta - Lake Minnewanka Landscape

Here's a Landscape painting from just outside Banff Alberta in the Rockys. This was painted mostly from knife work, and some brush on the sky, water, and trees. My first real painting with a knife. Find I use them a lot now for different looks, textures and lines. Finally got back and finished it off today. Done on WaterColor Paper, with Acrylics 12 x 16in. Comments Welcome!

Lake Minnewanka

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 Hi all, ,,,,,, Well, it's been a while....took a sabbatical . Hit the brushes today, and pleased as punch, that I finally got this lovely flower painting finished ( ahhhh, will have to view it for a few days and see LOL). That's what I'm going to be doing for the next while, finishing paintings, and not starting new ones till I'm caught up. I have this bad habit of something catching my eye and I start a new canvas, and never get back to the half done ones so............I have good intentions, we'll see what happens.
Ok back to the Bells. My scanner tends to change the color of blues a lot so had to try adjust the color. The purplish coloring on the flowers is more blue in the original. Hope you like, comments welcome!!

Acrylic 16x12 Gallery wrapped Canvas

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My latest work in progress. From Ocean Beach California.
Acrylic on Canvas

Finished the sky, more waves in the middle and right to do,
then sky highlights on ocean etc. Then will finish surfer. Almost
done. This was good to do!!

About half way through.

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INNOCENCE Young Woman...Vine Charcoal & Conte

Hi all,
I've been working with some Vine Charcoal and Conte pencils again. Working on an idea for a painting, and practising my contour drawing skills. There was an certain innocent look I was trying to capture here. I can see she still needs some work, but I've gone far enough for this study. Took about and hour or so. Quick for me. 11x14 sketchpad, Charcoal Conte Pencil.

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Yes, David Bessler has produced more Pipecleaner Dancers even better than the original.
The new ones give you a choice of music, more actions and the "Dancing Me" one is yes, I was waiting for this.....Him dancing away.LOL you gotta love the man.
These are "hard to stop once you start" kind of things. Go have a try!! Great Fun !!! Just click on the following Link: PIPECLEANER DANCE

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Just had to do a few TouchUps with Sprokit, to show his markings better.
I think I can call it "Finished" now.
My Daughter gets it tomorrow. I did email her and sent a picture. She is just thrilled, says it looks "just like her Boy", can't wait to see it! So I'm happy Too!! Here's the Update


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I've been playing with my Charcoals again. My daughter has never asked me, but I know she would like me to do a painting of her wonderful Boxer puppy, (well I guess he's not a puppy anymore, as he's going on 3 yrs) "Sprokit". I know she likes black and white photography, and had given me a great black & white photo over a year ago. Was going thru my files last night and came upon it. So thought I'd try one, to surprise her, in charcoal first. He has quite the personality, a great family dog, with beautiful brindle markings. He's on good paper about 9 x 12. Comments welcome, what do you think.??

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Well it's Sunday night, we had a beautiful weekend here, and some thunder storms earlier, at dusk, what a beautiful smell in the air after, I love that!! Fresh, clean, fragrant, are the smells that come to mind.
During the storm I started playing with the background on one of my canvases. Experimenting with mixtures, and colors, and glazes.
After working on a composition, I started this painting of some gladiolus sitting here in a couple of vases.
Just started with the flowers, there's going to be a lot more, and some different colors. There's a ways to go yet. Not doing a drawing, just doing shapes with my brush. Not too detailed.
So this is a WIP (work in progress). Posting it as I like to see what it looks like with a different perspective that the computer gives. Easier to see the mistakes this way.
Working with acrylics, 20x24 gallery wrapped canvas, (no need to frame)
here's the start, what do you think? comments welcome.

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Flowers Galore WIP

WooHoo I'm in painting mode, this is from a recent Painting event at WetCanvas.
You can tell it's summer, can't get enough of all the flowers right now......and I want to paint every last one!!! I'm in color heaven. I actually have a few on the go right now.
This one is about half done.. Wanted to post it and see what it looks like at this point. it. . I have paintings all over the house, that I glance at when I'm at this stage it helps me analyze them better..Sometimes I make big changes, and sometimes I can see I'm on the right track.
So here you go, have a look, see what you think. Acrylic on 12 x 16 Gallery Canvas.

These are called
"Canterbury Bells"

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Charcoal Drawings From The Garden Today

Hi there, hope everyone is having a great summer. I was out in the garden, checking out the upcoming blooms today. Beautiful 80 degrees, so took my sketchbook, and did a few drawings in willow charcoal and conte pencil.
Want to do a painting of the flowers when they open more.
Trumpet Flower Vine, Willow Charcoal

Trumpet Vine Flower Willow Charcoal

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" JACKSON POLLOCK" Playtime Anyone?

A friend of mine sent me this fun little website


move the cursor to drip and click to change colors. Click Refresh for new canvas.
Have Fun........I did!!!!

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It's been a busy, fulfilling, also vexing, agitated week, with no art work done. But, I feel very satisfied today, so we will consider it a good week. A lot was accomplished, both physically and mentally. I am at Peace.
Then today I had a message in the comments of the Ocean painting, from a wonderful artist Lesly Finn about the latest writings, I had added to my profile, that I have valued and read for many years, and she wanted to send the same to her daughter in England, who is going thru a bad time. It was so nice to see something like that passed on to someone else. It really made my day. That took me into my files to reread more of my sayings and poetry, that I have collected over the years. One really stood out to me today, so I'm posting it, and hope it catches someone's attention, like it caught mine.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a Beautiful World.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.
- Max Ehrmann -

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UPDATE "Tides Out"

This color is more true to Original, my scanner seems to change the blues all the time. Boy, would I like to be trapzing in that surf right now. Will work on the boys next, almost done!

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What Happened to May?

I seem to be having a problem here, as none of my postings for May are showing up on the main page. Not even showing in the Archives.....help May is missing there too!! Hmmmmmm....now how do I fix this???? I shall return.

"50 By 50" Project

Meant to tell you in an earlier post about this. One of my paintings "Reflections" is now in this project started by artist Mark Cotton. He's doing an mosaic of paintings from artists that are 50x50 pixels each to form a large painting. Each painting if clicked on will enlarge, so you can see the artist's work and also the URL address for their website or blog. A really cool idea. My painting is the one of the Bottles, I posted here in Apr called Reflections, right now it's situated on the extreme bottom right corner, but that will change as more paintings are added. Here's the URL, also have it under my Links line in my side bar. http://www.markcotton.com/50by50.html Go have a look, see if you can find it!!

Tides Out

Newport Oregon
With Spring Fever and all, trying to vent my thirst for sand and ocean. .........Not Finished..........Just started yesterday for a bit. There will be a couple of young boys, wading through the surf, just roughed them in. There's a storm coming.

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"CanCan Les Folies"

Another from my Dancer Series. How did these women dance with those cumbersome tho beautiful Gowns, and the Hats!!! It was really something to show your "skin" in those days
Sorry photo is a bit blurry.

Ballerina Drawing Painting Backstage

Waiting Backstage
This is what dancers do, sit on the floor stretching, always extending their limbs, while they wait to go on. Always watching the performance on stage, waiting with anticipation. I love to watch them………......

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Venice Study from Sargent

My interpretation of this wonderful Sargent painting of Venice. One of many that he did around 1908,09,1910. Love how he captured the light in his paintings.

Time Flies.........

Wow, it's a while since I've posted here. Life seems to do that to one sometimes. 
We have been having incredible weather, last week 5 or 6 days in the 90's, so been getting some sun, and seeking some plants for my pots, and doing some painting. Washing the car (not me, my darling son-in-law offered) he's spoiling me. Now I'm going to do the annual Turtle Wax protection on my beautiful Ruby Red Intrepid. I love that car, especially when she sparkles.
Yes I have Spring Fever......I just want to jump in the car and take off....to parts unknown....probably the Ocean, that's what I need to do, run barefoot in the surf, fill myself with Crab and Prawns, a good bottle of wine....Pure Bliss. mmmmm.


The Gentelman Mr. Forbes

This kindly gentelman Mr Forbes is the long term grounds keeper of a Research Station on the Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. I'm told he knows all the Flora, and Fawna on the island, and has lived there his whole 72 yrs. He has survived his wife and three daughters, and is now sole provider for 9 grand children. I had to try capture his wonderful life lines.
Acrylic on 9 X 12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Wine Bottles "Reflections"

More Glazing Done

Starting to add Glazes

Colors blocked in doing values with underlayer

This painting comes from some homemade Wine and Liquer Bottles for sale in Quebec City. Our WDE host had been visiting for the weekend, and snapped a shot of the colorful bottles in a Shop. Thankyou Sundiver! The Bottle on the right, was on an angle and I like that, so I put it in the painting. Worked hard to keep the light and reflections as real glass has, in this painting. The background does not show up well on the computer, and was hard to show the glow and reflections. Looks wonderful In Real Life (IRL computer talk). Acrylic on Canvas.. I took some scans of the WIP. so will show you.


Guitar Color Burst

This was painted from a beautiful one of a kind glass art guitar .The owner took a photo for one of our WDE's (weekend drawing event) on WetCanvas, for us to paint, draw, etc. She knew we would love the colors and lights from it. She was right! This is what I did!! Acrylic 16X20 gallery wrapped canvas.


My first experiment with the female form. I quite liked the liberty I felt when painting her.....So her title. She's 20 X 16 acrylic on canvas. Now working on some more, larger format, and some drawings in charcoal and conte pencil . Too large for my scanner, will post when I get my new camera.

More nude body shapes lines on site......just click "nude" or"body" or "lines" from the Labels, and a list will come up.........



Woooo......Well at least they are in order.
Almost finished.
As you can see I've played with the background. Still haven't decided with that swish of color movement I want in here. I like the feeling of the first and second ones with the color moving around them. But thought the light made it too much like a tunnel behind them and took interest away from them dancing out in the night or on a dance floor.
So blocked it in to see what it looked like on here as it really helps you see things in a different light this way on the computer.
Will think on it for a while.
This is done with acrylics, so easy to make changes, don't have to wait for days for paint to dry like oils.
Gallery wrapped Canvas.
From a WDE about a month or so ago.



Here's an update. About 75% done. Would love to be there right now.Could use the heat!! Smell the spices......It's coming together.

Using Acrylics on Canvas 16x12

I have 6 or 7 paintings that I have started theses past few months and never finished for one reason or another. So thought if I posted them here, might get me going to finish them. WIP means work in progress. One of my goals this year is to complete works while I still have the drive for them. I seem to start to loose interest, when they are not finished quickly(for me thats a week or two). I'ts not that I don't like them, but I need to keep the "juices flowing" so to speak on my paintings.
Have drawn in just the main parts and done some of the underlayer, working on my color values when I do the underlayer, lights and darks make the painting. I want strong contrasts for this.



It's that wonderful time of the year again. Time for some Color.....Look what nature has brought us..........
I loved painting this! I imagined myself as a small mouse or rabbit looking up thru the flowers. It's a "happy painting". Acrylic on Canvas


This is Kiwi, my constant companion, pest, painting assistant, and "A" type personality, female Cockatiel who has lived with me for 4 years. I have always had cats or dogs. Would never have thought a bird could be so smart, and loving. She was around 2 yrs when I got her. This was her third home, and I had never had a bird. It was a learning experience for both of us. She has been such a Joy for me. So I had to introduce her. Kiwi.....take your Bow. Did you know that Birds have tongues??? Neither did I till she licked my ear!!LOL


Another UpsideDown Drawing

This was another drawing done upsidedown in ink.... much harder than the dancer. Time limit was 15 min. Not bad considering all the details. Was fun to try. Even did his face!! Wow..... Old fashioned spinning wheel. As with the Dancer drawing, I just left it as is, with no corrections or touch ups! I'm quite pleased with this kind of drawing, as it wouldn't take much to make this drawing presentable with a few corrections with line and perspective.

Drawing UpsideDown

This was an experiment on drawing upsidedown from a good painting site. You take an image and turn it upside down, so that all you see then is shapes, not the image and give yourself a time limit and draw it. This was my first time . Five min. a dancer in a sari on the beach. had never tried to draw a figure before, so didn't expect much, was pleasantly surprised with the result. Didn't have a pencil handy so used black ink. Some artist huh!! I could have corrected mistakes afterward, but left it as I had done it on purpose. Will do more in the future as it eliminates what your brain says you're drawing ( like an arm, leg, etc.) and leaves you to just draw shapes. Really works better!!!


I was really just playing with paint and textures here. Manipulating the paint to look like oils with layers. Looks like oils to me! Acrylics are amazing.
5" x 7" Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic WC Paper 10x12
Love the constrasts with this lovely flower