Today In My Travels - Mr Clean Magic Eraser for Watercolors

While traveling around the net today I came across something interesting.
Has anyone heard about using "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" for watercolors? Have a look at this Video and see what you think. I've never tried this, but it could be great help for Watercolorists. It's being used to fix mistakes or make additions in your watercolor paintings. Click here for the Video:

Also off to the left side here, I've added an Button with a Cute Doll with pink hair. I don't usually add stuff to my blog, but this is for a good and important event for Breast Cancer, that I totally support. So if you have a chance, click on the Doll and go read all about an great Art Doll Auction planned to raise awareness and donations for Breast Cancer Research .
I was over on a friend and fellow artists blog, Helen Lystra when I saw she had posted one, so thank you Helen. Also go have a look at her Blog, she does wonderful work!!!



Hi all, just a quick line.
If you've been wondering where I've been these past days, and not updated my WIP's.
Thought I should tell you, I've been in a "Blue Funk". Haven't picked up the brush for over a week now.
Got some sad news last week about a lovely lady named Connie Wynn (cmwynn) from WetCanvas, who died , and it was such very sad news for me.
Connie has been one of my cyber friends ever since I joined WetCanvas way back in Dec 2003, and I will miss her lovely ways so much. It really hit me hard..............
I know that I will put her memories where they should go now, and move on with my life, as we all do, but I needed this time to say goodbye to my friend, and fellow artist, she's in Gods hands now.........


"Lily" For a Burst of Drama

Hi all, Here's another WIP "Work In Progress" another beautiful Lily,
can't resist them right now, such lovely vibrant, elegant flowers,
with a flair to attract those who like some "drama".

Sometimes you look and look and then all of a sudden
something catches your eye wham...... that's what this one did to me.

It's a good size, about half way now, most of the base colors are blocked in,
started it late last night, and put it on the computer to have a look and then tonight thought,
I should post it, that way I'll get it finished in a couple days.
So busy with spring stuff, not on the computer much right now.
But this one just was waiting for me to capture its wonderful lively colors.
To me it just bursts with energy. Will be really dissapointed if I mess up and lose the clear vibrant colors in it. LOL
Thanks for looking.............
Not finished yet, but here it is...... Acrylics 16x20 on gallery wrapped canvas