Surprise.........Look out for the Ghosts and Goblins!!
My daughter and I each carved a pumpkin on Friday night. So I called her to email me over a picture of them, as I left mine there because I'm doing Halloween with them. First time we have done pumpkins together for seven years since she moved out, and we roasted the seeds in the oven too.....they were so good!!! Anyways here's ours, I did the eyes, and she did the face, can't believe she got a pic without showing the pumpkin shapes, must have had all the lights off outside.

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"Santa's Magic"

It's getting near that time of year again, and I wanted to get a few paintings done early!! Had a few requests last Xmas for Santa, so going to do a some of him first.
This was done all with brush work, no drawing, and since I tend to overwork paintings, I stopped, before I normally would, and left a few flaws, that now I'm looking at him here, I really like that I left them gives him more character I think. Acrylic 9 x 12 Canvas. Your comments and points of view are welcome here!!

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Bored? Another "Great Playsite"

Hi all,
Found another great site to capture your interest!! You get to play with sand, that's right!! SAND!! It's called "World Of Sand" here's the URL:

Kept me going for a while........have fun!!!!



Did this one today adding it to the
series Nov 24/06.
Thought it was time to add another.

"Scotch On The Rocks" 11x14 Graphite
Did another one today, I'm having too much fun with these!!.
Need some good names for them, open to suggestions, post them in comments.
Calling this one for now.......
"Paunch"..........11 x 14 Graphite



On the light side, here are some sketches done today on perhaps some future paintings, based on people I've viewed in bars,clubs, and resturants over the years. These first two women, I'm calling "Bar Babes" for now. We'll see what happens after I think on them some more.

"What Can I Get Ya" - Graphite 11 x 14in

Over The Hill - Willow Charcoal 11 x 14

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Banff Alberta - Lake Minnewanka Landscape

Here's a Landscape painting from just outside Banff Alberta in the Rockys. This was painted mostly from knife work, and some brush on the sky, water, and trees. My first real painting with a knife. Find I use them a lot now for different looks, textures and lines. Finally got back and finished it off today. Done on WaterColor Paper, with Acrylics 12 x 16in. Comments Welcome!

Lake Minnewanka

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 Hi all, ,,,,,, Well, it's been a while....took a sabbatical . Hit the brushes today, and pleased as punch, that I finally got this lovely flower painting finished ( ahhhh, will have to view it for a few days and see LOL). That's what I'm going to be doing for the next while, finishing paintings, and not starting new ones till I'm caught up. I have this bad habit of something catching my eye and I start a new canvas, and never get back to the half done ones so............I have good intentions, we'll see what happens.
Ok back to the Bells. My scanner tends to change the color of blues a lot so had to try adjust the color. The purplish coloring on the flowers is more blue in the original. Hope you like, comments welcome!!

Acrylic 16x12 Gallery wrapped Canvas

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