My latest work in progress. From Ocean Beach California.
Acrylic on Canvas

Finished the sky, more waves in the middle and right to do,
then sky highlights on ocean etc. Then will finish surfer. Almost
done. This was good to do!!

About half way through.

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Lesly said...

this is really good! ... just love the composition! (and we have loads of surfers here)

I know its not finished yet but just to say don't forget that you cannot have all that wonderful red colour in the sky without quite a bit of reflected colour in the sea ..... even if it does not show in the source reference it still needs to be there. Otherwise the warm sky and cool sea will be dividing the picture in two! .... Colour harmony and all that.

I can see that its going to be wonderful when finished ... please post when it is!

Shez said...

Hi Lesly,
Thankyou, Lesly you are too good to me! Much appreciated. Also thanks for the suggestions. I did mention in my intro that I was going to add the sky color to the ocean, you just missed it LOL I agree totally that it just unifies the whole painting that way. Will do after I get the rest of the big waves in the background first.
You lucky girl!!you must live right by the ocean. That's my dream....just love the water. Even tried surfing in Hawaii. That was a lark.In another life I'll be a "Beach Babe" for now, I'll have to paint them.

Lesly said...

Hi Shez ... mmmmh! this is really nice. Love the colours and the tints of red on the edges of the surfboard. Can't wait to see it finished!