Quick Sketchbook Drawings-As Is....No erasers

I set a goal for myself, back in Nov, to try do some kind of artwork every day.
With the sketches, the goal was to do very quick ones 5 to 10 min max, and no erasing allowed.
I like to play these games with myself, keeps me interested.
Thought I'd post some, see what they look like on the web. It seems to show things that you don't normally see on here, and helps you improve.
So these are all quickies, very rough work. Some may eventually be a painting. Some will be scrapped. Some I did for the poses, some to try different perspectives. Some just to see if I could draw it......LOL hey, that's the truth, practise , practise, practise. I hope to improve with these. So bear with me.All observations welcome......I won't bite....:) But I might snarl........all this cold cold winter weather is getting to me!!!!


Lisa Purcell said...

Takes a generous soul to share their sketchbooks and process. Love the eye sketches. Wish I had the figure of your model. :)

Shez said...

Thank you Lisa....what a lovely thing to say!!! :) I wish I had that figure too. She's sort of a composite of many women, but Shhhhh don't tell my daughter, but I use her figure a lot she does look like that!!! :)