Thirty Painntings inThirty Days

West Coast Sunset
Acrylic on Canvas

Started this painting in Sept but due to  health problems, just got back to finishing it.  Such a beautiful evening when I saw this scene, just had to put it on canvas. Hope you enjoy....


Thirty Paintings In 30 Days - Day16

Sweetheart Roses

Acrylic 4"x6" on Canvas

Loved the colors of these Roses, just the kind to bring big smiles from most women. This is Day 16 in the 30 in 30 Challenge half way through the month.  This painting was done very quickly, wanted to make the deadline. It's more or less a study for a larger painting. It will be part of my Petite Pearls collection.  Will look at it more tomorrow. Thanks for viewing.......


Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day 15

A Simple Pear

Acrylic 5"x7" on Canvas

This one was done trying out some textures and colors.  I like how it evolved.  
We are into day15 and I'm behind, but, will keep going and see where I get with these.  I'm hoping by day 30 that a daily painting will be  a snap for me.  :)


Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day 6

"Oh Oooooo  She's Found the Hair Dye"

Acrylics 12" x 12" on 2" Box Canvas

Had great fun with color doing this painting. 
Was not my original intentions,  the brushes just took over, and I just followed along.
It was a good week with this challenge, trying at times, as I'm not in the groove yet, but, I can feel a good change in all this...
My goal this week, it to get all caught up and simplify my compositions somewhat.

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day 5


Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day Four

Limestone Pea Flower Australia

"Happy Faces"

Acrylics 10"x 8" on Canvas

So Enjoy, many more to come.....

Thirty Paintngs In Thirty Days - Day Three

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day Two


Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day One

"Market Marrakesh Morocco "

Acrylic 12"x6" on Canvas

I really enjoyed painting this scene, I could feel and see the heat of the hot desert, and the wonderful smells of all the spices and exotic goods sold here.  My wish is that you can see and smell those things too.
This painting was done for a New Painting Challenge for September that I'm participating in....... 
"Thirty paintings in 30 Days"
Yes, that's something for me, but I'm not alone,
there are many other artists from all over the world also joining in. This should be FUN!!!  Hosted by a lovely Artist Leslie Saeta. Here's a link  have a look..
So Enjoy, many more to come.....


Woman with Red Scarf.... Charcoal Drawing

 Posting her to see what she looks like.  I often see fixes that need to be done so much easier, when posted.  was going to just leave her scarf just as it was, but last night my muse decided she needed some color.....what do you think. lol thoughts welcomed. Just enjoying the lovely summer and playing.  Hope you are too.
Drawing with vine charcoal, and a bit of mischief with her scarf....done in my big sketchbook, about 9x12in. Still a WIP (work in progress) with this one.


Young Woman 2 Vine Charcoal Quick Drawing

Have been working with some Vine Charcoal drawings last couple of days
Thought I'd post them.  These are quick drawings, quite rough, nothing fancy,  or extra fixing done.
I often like to use ball point pens to do this , as you can't erase those and I like the challenge.....Of course like anything else, the more you do these, the more you learn and the better you get....

 This one was done with charcoal and conte for the hair.......

Close up.........

Though hair not finished, or any work on features will be leaving these as is, my challenge was on doing these quickly, less than 10 min or so each.......
Both are drawn in my sketchbook  size about 9x12"each.
This is how I do my sketching and drawing.For these quick one's I like to just leave them alone after the time is up. :)   Thanks for looking, love to hear from you......


Witch, Old Hag Update!!

This is an update to the original painting wanted to give her a better background.
It's a Digi painting done in my Photoshop Elements program. Just used a Mouse and no layering.....basically cause I have never gotten to reading how to do layers as yet.....LOL
My first digi painting with a figure. If you scroll down a couple of posts, You'll find more info on my endeavors... This painting was done from a photo of some dolls in a store window.
 I like this background much better, She looks more like a painting done with acrylic or oils now.......:)