Ocean Flowers - Seaweed

Acrylics 12x12 2in Box gallery wrapped Canvas

Here's a bit of whimsy, and some playing with different techniques in this new painting some colorful seaweed floating in the ocean....Ocean Flowers...... Used some Ink line work, some glazing, some splattering, and anything else I could think of to get this one done!! It was time to have some fun with paint. Used my fingers a lot too!!!
What do you think??? does it work???


Creative Artist Award

Hi all, I've received a wonderful Surprise an Award today!!! My first.......!!! It's from a wonderful artist LakeTrees - Kim Barker This is what she wrote on her Blog:


Creativity has been attributed variously to divine intervention, cognitive processes, the social environment, personality traits, and chance ("accident", "serendipity"). It has been associated with genius, mental illness and humour. Some say it is a trait we are born with; others say it can be taught with the application of simple techniques.

Although popularly associated with art and literature, it is also an essential part of innovation and invention and is important in professions such as business, economics, architecture, industrial design, science and engineering.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many of my blogger Artist friends are really creative people so I have decided to recognise their creativity (as defined above) by designing this award to give to the following Creative Bloggers:"...........................................

You can imagine my surprise when I found my name on the List. I'm so pleased and honored, to be amongst such a fantastic group of artists!!!! Thank you Kim!!!
If you haven't visited her blog, you have to go and have a good look, Kim is an exceptional artist, and her Blog is a wonderful interesting place to visit. Always something going on, and she is so great with fellow artists........Go have a look....just click on her name above.

Here's what the award looks like:


Black Parrot Tulip WIP

Hi all.........another flower closeup on the go!! These happen to be one of my favorite flowers.
This is sort of a study in a smaller size of the composition and coloring for a very large painting I want to do.
Trying to get all the kinks out ahead of time with the study.
I started this over a year ago, and wasn't happy with it, so went on to other things.
Then a few weeks ago, cleaning my studio, I came across it. Now I want to finish it and get going on the big one.
I'm about three quarters there I think. Trying to decide on the background color. Also a lot of highlites and different lighter shades of color yet for the petals and the stamen.
I'm open to any suggestions, critiques and comments. Feedback on the background too!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
NB.....Those shiny spots on the photo, are from the paper buckling a bit. It was still a bit damp when I took the pic, it will flatten out.
Painted with Acrylics on Watercolor paper

Today In My Travels - Mr Clean Magic Eraser for Watercolors

While traveling around the net today I came across something interesting.
Has anyone heard about using "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" for watercolors? Have a look at this Video and see what you think. I've never tried this, but it could be great help for Watercolorists. It's being used to fix mistakes or make additions in your watercolor paintings. Click here for the Video:

Also off to the left side here, I've added an Button with a Cute Doll with pink hair. I don't usually add stuff to my blog, but this is for a good and important event for Breast Cancer, that I totally support. So if you have a chance, click on the Doll and go read all about an great Art Doll Auction planned to raise awareness and donations for Breast Cancer Research .
I was over on a friend and fellow artists blog, Helen Lystra when I saw she had posted one, so thank you Helen. Also go have a look at her Blog, she does wonderful work!!!



Hi all, just a quick line.
If you've been wondering where I've been these past days, and not updated my WIP's.
Thought I should tell you, I've been in a "Blue Funk". Haven't picked up the brush for over a week now.
Got some sad news last week about a lovely lady named Connie Wynn (cmwynn) from WetCanvas, who died , and it was such very sad news for me.
Connie has been one of my cyber friends ever since I joined WetCanvas way back in Dec 2003, and I will miss her lovely ways so much. It really hit me hard..............
I know that I will put her memories where they should go now, and move on with my life, as we all do, but I needed this time to say goodbye to my friend, and fellow artist, she's in Gods hands now.........


"Lily" For a Burst of Drama

Hi all, Here's another WIP "Work In Progress" another beautiful Lily,
can't resist them right now, such lovely vibrant, elegant flowers,
with a flair to attract those who like some "drama".

Sometimes you look and look and then all of a sudden
something catches your eye wham...... that's what this one did to me.

It's a good size, about half way now, most of the base colors are blocked in,
started it late last night, and put it on the computer to have a look and then tonight thought,
I should post it, that way I'll get it finished in a couple days.
So busy with spring stuff, not on the computer much right now.
But this one just was waiting for me to capture its wonderful lively colors.
To me it just bursts with energy. Will be really dissapointed if I mess up and lose the clear vibrant colors in it. LOL
Thanks for looking.............
Not finished yet, but here it is...... Acrylics 16x20 on gallery wrapped canvas

''LILY'' Painting Finished

Acrylics 16x20'' on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I showed a WIP (work in progress) of this last month. Finished it over a week ago, but was waiting for my daughter to take a decent photo of it, to post here. Must say, I'm very pleased with the outcome of this, and as I said earlier, I'm not usually a big yellow fan. But this one is different, and I didn't muddy the yellow, so mission accomplished. LOL


Islamorada The Florida Keys

New painting I did last week from WetCanvas on one of their painting events. The host for this one was from Florida, so I just had to do the Keys. This was done Alla Prima painting ( in one sitting) . Found this one a delight to do, it went quickly and smoothly, and I put the brush down quickly to keep from fooling around with it too much. What do you think?
Worked with Acrylics on 11 x 14inch wrapped canvas.


Cows Play Of Color II "Mom and Calf"

Here's the second one in this Play Of Color series on "Cows"

Another WIP (work in progress) worked on this this week with the first one.
Finally remembered to get a photo of the first color stage .
The last photo shows it's almost finished.
Still some more work on the calf, and some last layer of colors. One more session and it should be finished.

This is larger 16x20 on gallery wrap canvas, working my way up.
My next one is going to be a lot larger than this.
Would love you feedback on these. Different style for me. What do you think??

I'm using a limited palette here, finding my background color, and the basic color tones.

First color layed in, and then sketched in the compostion of the cows over top, pretty rough, just a few lines to follow


Play Of Color "Bovine"Cow WIP

Something new, out of the box for me, a bit of whimsy, and a new series, are these cows that I've started. I like trying different styles and love colors, so here goes.

Started this a while ago from a weekend painting event at WetCanvas, I had just got the drawing done, and it was left at that, so this week was in the mood to finish it. The idea was to go outside the box, and not to use the common colors found with these animals, and to put a bit of whimsy into it.
This was fun to do actually, the first photo was at the start, just putting in some colors, not too much thought in them, just let my brush choose the colors.
The second photo is about the 2 hour mark, not sure on the background color yet.
Not finished, but getting there.
Pretty strong colors here, but I like him. LOL What do you think.???

This is Acrylics on 2 inch deep gallery 12x12 canvas.

Blocking in the colors, getting the general shapes and forms below.


"Amazing Artists"

This One Will Surprise You!!!!!

What wonderful Art from Exceptional Amazing Artists.
These Elephants have been rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, and now paint amazing Self Portraits. You'll be amazed at how the talent unfolds.
So touched by their horrific backgrounds and loving personalities, now supports, "Starving Elephant Artisans" by selling their paintings so they can continue to have a new life in Thailand.

I was so astounded watching this I just had to show it to you too.


Faces - Puzzels of Our Past

Finished this today. It was done for an Self Portrait Challenge for 2008 on the Acrylics forum at WetCanvas. Today was the first day we could post them.
It ended up very different than I originally thought what I might do, and somehow I ended up with two figures. One of me from about 25 years ago and one of me now.
Very gut wrenching for most artists to paint themselves, and most don't do it very often.
I had wanted to try this technique, and thought the portraits suited it. This is done with Golden Fluid Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas.
Not sure if I'm totally finished yet, will hang it and think on it for a few days. I have to do that will all my paintings. Then I'll varnish it and it will be done. I've already got a couple more in mind for a series I think.
What are you thoughts on this painting!!!


''LILY'' CloseUp

This is a "Work In Progress" - WIP - that I started in July of this beautiful Lily. I was not far from finished, and somehow got sidetracked onto some other things, and there on my work table it has sat, leaning against the wall ever since.

One of my goals this year is to get caught up on unfinished works, and to not leave new paintings thought I would post this here, to gently prod me to meet my goals, and show you what I'm working on.

I must tell you, I've never been a big fan of yellow flowers, I never buy them, I don't grow them, and never thought I would paint them!!! However, this one appealed to me, in it's very soft, lovely coloring, and it is a Tiger Lily, and a beauty. Also yellow flowers are hard to paint.
When mixing colors with yellow they can turn to "Mud" very I liked the challange!!! Hey.......I'm an emotional painter (so I've learned) I have to have some kind of emotional attachment to something before I'll try paint it, be it an animal, a flower, or a view of a valley, somethings got to grab me, and hold my interest, or I'll go on to better things, and that happens very quickly for me!! So big surprise!!!!! I like this yellow flower, and now I'm going to finish painting it. ( We're a weird bunch.........Us Artists) LOL :)

So onto the flower. It's a yellow Tiger Lily, doing it with Acrylics on 16x20 gallery wrapped Canvas.
I've not done a contrasting underlayer, that I often do with flowers, basically because of the color.....I don't want mud. This has about 5 or 6 layers on it in different areas already.
Now I'm starting to build up the contrasts and shadows, with many different colors of yellow, and mixtures.
Also, please disregard that horizontal line near the middle of the picture. I had to use my scanner and sew 4 photos together to get the photo, and the scanner did not like the yellow, and I had a hard time getting a decent photo........No Camera. :)

This is going to look great when it's finished. Luv that light soft lemon color!!!


Nude Body Shapes Lines Contrasts Pt3

Adding some more Body Lines to a series I started way back in Apr and May 07.
Just felt like working with some Vine Charcoal. Working with different Ideas.
Think these would look good together say six or so in a line or a square.
Each is 11x8 on black pastel paper


Do Not Disturb......Cat !!

New painting today......
This is Nutty, he's not too pleased being disturbed during his nap LOL.
This was done from another weekend drawing and painting event at WetCanvas. Nutty is a cat owned by a friend of the event's Host . He looks just like my cat Keeta, so I was pleased to paint him. Acrylic on archival Canvas.
Hope you enjoy!!



Hope you all had a great weekend. I've been busy painting away. This one is from a weekend drawing and painting event at WetCanvas that I finished today. With this dreary winter weather I seem to thrive painting flowers, helps to brighten the day!! Hope you like them. These were done quickly about an hour Alla Prima ( that means-all at once-in painter talk LOL ) I like this whimsical look.!!
Acrylic on wrapped canvas!!


Red Roses

Another new semi abstract painting of Roses. Limited palette. Acrylic 12x12.

I'm on a roll with these. Used quin red, quin magneta, Love how they work with the many glazes. Looks great on the wall.


Orchids Galore

Hope everyone had a great holiday season.........Here comes 2008.........!!!!
Just off the easel a semi abstract of some lovely orchids done with acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas. This was fun to do, with limited palette, no pre drawing just paint. Hope you like it.