Last week started out on a sad note, as my mom passed away a year ago on the 20th November. It ended on a beautiful, happy note, as my nephew became a father, to a beautiful little girl on that day, around the same time my mom passed on, and they gave their daughter my mom's name, and called her "Hope" tis the circle of life. Isn't that something!!

I decided to do a quick graphite drawing of her its about 10x10
Baby has a few health issues, so sleeps alot.
Couldn't get her with her eyes open.
Graphite doesn't show up well here, better in real life.
She's got hair already.



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My First Tutu
Future Ballerina in costume......what a sweetie. Hard to resist. This is from a Weekend painting event at WetCanvas. Hope you enjoy!!

"Wating Backstage"
Young ballerina waiting backstage to go on.
Stretching her legs.
Watching the performance
This is where I love to watch them!!!

Graphite about 9x12
This drawing is a part of a photo reference for the WDE(weekend drawing event) from last week on WetCanvas, an artists website. The host had a lovely photo of two young girls at their dance recitile. I didn't have time to paint, but played around with the drawing during the week.

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Some Graphite Drawings

Did this one to draw the angle of the head which I
knew would be hard to do. In the original he's
laying on top of his motorcycle, and resting his
head on the bars. Just trying to get the pose
right, as I would like to paint him on his bike.
About 10x10 graphite

Quick Nap I

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