Well it's Sunday night, we had a beautiful weekend here, and some thunder storms earlier, at dusk, what a beautiful smell in the air after, I love that!! Fresh, clean, fragrant, are the smells that come to mind.
During the storm I started playing with the background on one of my canvases. Experimenting with mixtures, and colors, and glazes.
After working on a composition, I started this painting of some gladiolus sitting here in a couple of vases.
Just started with the flowers, there's going to be a lot more, and some different colors. There's a ways to go yet. Not doing a drawing, just doing shapes with my brush. Not too detailed.
So this is a WIP (work in progress). Posting it as I like to see what it looks like with a different perspective that the computer gives. Easier to see the mistakes this way.
Working with acrylics, 20x24 gallery wrapped canvas, (no need to frame)
here's the start, what do you think? comments welcome.

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S said...

Liking the looks of this one!! Wasn't that storm something else.....thought it would never end. I love the dark background on this....don't stop!!

Shez said...

Hi Sher,
Thanks for stopping by.
Yes that storm was a good one, usually sit on the balcony and watch them, but not that one. Turned off TV, and computer. That's how I started this painting, Hope it turns out like I want.

Lesly said...

hi Shez what you are doing here. Big brush, no drawing and all. I am sort of waiting for inspiration to strike but no luck yet .... so looking at what everyone else is up to is keeping me sane for now!

This looks really promising so far. xx

Shez said...

Hi Lesly, Good to see you browsing, must be feeling better. Thankyou for, your lovely imput.
I surf other places all the time too. I find it helps to get the "Muse" going.
I just hope I don't mess this up.
Thanks XX