Time Flies.........

Wow, it's a while since I've posted here. Life seems to do that to one sometimes. 
We have been having incredible weather, last week 5 or 6 days in the 90's, so been getting some sun, and seeking some plants for my pots, and doing some painting. Washing the car (not me, my darling son-in-law offered) he's spoiling me. Now I'm going to do the annual Turtle Wax protection on my beautiful Ruby Red Intrepid. I love that car, especially when she sparkles.
Yes I have Spring Fever......I just want to jump in the car and take parts unknown....probably the Ocean, that's what I need to do, run barefoot in the surf, fill myself with Crab and Prawns, a good bottle of wine....Pure Bliss. mmmmm.

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