Do Not Disturb......Cat !!

New painting today......
This is Nutty, he's not too pleased being disturbed during his nap LOL.
This was done from another weekend drawing and painting event at WetCanvas. Nutty is a cat owned by a friend of the event's Host . He looks just like my cat Keeta, so I was pleased to paint him. Acrylic on archival Canvas.
Hope you enjoy!!



Hope you all had a great weekend. I've been busy painting away. This one is from a weekend drawing and painting event at WetCanvas that I finished today. With this dreary winter weather I seem to thrive painting flowers, helps to brighten the day!! Hope you like them. These were done quickly about an hour Alla Prima ( that means-all at once-in painter talk LOL ) I like this whimsical look.!!
Acrylic on wrapped canvas!!


Red Roses

Another new semi abstract painting of Roses. Limited palette. Acrylic 12x12.

I'm on a roll with these. Used quin red, quin magneta, Love how they work with the many glazes. Looks great on the wall.


Orchids Galore

Hope everyone had a great holiday season.........Here comes 2008.........!!!!
Just off the easel a semi abstract of some lovely orchids done with acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas. This was fun to do, with limited palette, no pre drawing just paint. Hope you like it.