The Gentelman Mr. Forbes

This kindly gentelman Mr Forbes is the long term grounds keeper of a Research Station on the Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. I'm told he knows all the Flora, and Fawna on the island, and has lived there his whole 72 yrs. He has survived his wife and three daughters, and is now sole provider for 9 grand children. I had to try capture his wonderful life lines.
Acrylic on 9 X 12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Wine Bottles "Reflections"

More Glazing Done

Starting to add Glazes

Colors blocked in doing values with underlayer

This painting comes from some homemade Wine and Liquer Bottles for sale in Quebec City. Our WDE host had been visiting for the weekend, and snapped a shot of the colorful bottles in a Shop. Thankyou Sundiver! The Bottle on the right, was on an angle and I like that, so I put it in the painting. Worked hard to keep the light and reflections as real glass has, in this painting. The background does not show up well on the computer, and was hard to show the glow and reflections. Looks wonderful In Real Life (IRL computer talk). Acrylic on Canvas.. I took some scans of the WIP. so will show you.


Guitar Color Burst

This was painted from a beautiful one of a kind glass art guitar .The owner took a photo for one of our WDE's (weekend drawing event) on WetCanvas, for us to paint, draw, etc. She knew we would love the colors and lights from it. She was right! This is what I did!! Acrylic 16X20 gallery wrapped canvas.


My first experiment with the female form. I quite liked the liberty I felt when painting her.....So her title. She's 20 X 16 acrylic on canvas. Now working on some more, larger format, and some drawings in charcoal and conte pencil . Too large for my scanner, will post when I get my new camera.

More nude body shapes lines on site......just click "nude" or"body" or "lines" from the Labels, and a list will come up.........



Woooo......Well at least they are in order.
Almost finished.
As you can see I've played with the background. Still haven't decided with that swish of color movement I want in here. I like the feeling of the first and second ones with the color moving around them. But thought the light made it too much like a tunnel behind them and took interest away from them dancing out in the night or on a dance floor.
So blocked it in to see what it looked like on here as it really helps you see things in a different light this way on the computer.
Will think on it for a while.
This is done with acrylics, so easy to make changes, don't have to wait for days for paint to dry like oils.
Gallery wrapped Canvas.
From a WDE about a month or so ago.



Here's an update. About 75% done. Would love to be there right now.Could use the heat!! Smell the spices......It's coming together.

Using Acrylics on Canvas 16x12

I have 6 or 7 paintings that I have started theses past few months and never finished for one reason or another. So thought if I posted them here, might get me going to finish them. WIP means work in progress. One of my goals this year is to complete works while I still have the drive for them. I seem to start to loose interest, when they are not finished quickly(for me thats a week or two). I'ts not that I don't like them, but I need to keep the "juices flowing" so to speak on my paintings.
Have drawn in just the main parts and done some of the underlayer, working on my color values when I do the underlayer, lights and darks make the painting. I want strong contrasts for this.



It's that wonderful time of the year again. Time for some Color.....Look what nature has brought us..........
I loved painting this! I imagined myself as a small mouse or rabbit looking up thru the flowers. It's a "happy painting". Acrylic on Canvas


This is Kiwi, my constant companion, pest, painting assistant, and "A" type personality, female Cockatiel who has lived with me for 4 years. I have always had cats or dogs. Would never have thought a bird could be so smart, and loving. She was around 2 yrs when I got her. This was her third home, and I had never had a bird. It was a learning experience for both of us. She has been such a Joy for me. So I had to introduce her. Kiwi.....take your Bow. Did you know that Birds have tongues??? Neither did I till she licked my ear!!LOL