"Santa's Magic"

It's getting near that time of year again, and I wanted to get a few paintings done early!! Had a few requests last Xmas for Santa, so going to do a some of him first.
This was done all with brush work, no drawing, and since I tend to overwork paintings, I stopped, before I normally would, and left a few flaws, that now I'm looking at him here, I really like that I left them gives him more character I think. Acrylic 9 x 12 Canvas. Your comments and points of view are welcome here!!

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Lesly said...

I think this is really good Shez ... it gives me the Xmas fuzzies! Would make a beautiful Christmas Card, too.

Shez said...

Thank you Lesly, I've got a couple more in the works. I'm a big Xmas fan, and even feel we have to have snow, as that's what I've always had for Xmas. Sounds like you enjoy it too!!