Flowers Galore WIP

WooHoo I'm in painting mode, this is from a recent Painting event at WetCanvas.
You can tell it's summer, can't get enough of all the flowers right now......and I want to paint every last one!!! I'm in color heaven. I actually have a few on the go right now.
This one is about half done.. Wanted to post it and see what it looks like at this point. it. . I have paintings all over the house, that I glance at when I'm at this stage it helps me analyze them better..Sometimes I make big changes, and sometimes I can see I'm on the right track.
So here you go, have a look, see what you think. Acrylic on 12 x 16 Gallery Canvas.

These are called
"Canterbury Bells"

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Lesly said...

Oh I remember Canterbury Bells ... makes me think of my childhood. I was once a 'Harebell' in the village pantomime (very similar type of flower) ... we were all dressed very like 'Flower Fairies'!

Lovely delicate little painting, Shez ... they look just the right texture - sort of papery.

Shez said...

Lesley, hi, thanks for your lovely comments. I grew a harebell once, loved their delicate look too, yes very similar to these. Another favorite of mine are Lilys of the Valley.