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My First Tutu
Future Ballerina in costume......what a sweetie. Hard to resist. This is from a Weekend painting event at WetCanvas. Hope you enjoy!!

"Wating Backstage"
Young ballerina waiting backstage to go on.
Stretching her legs.
Watching the performance
This is where I love to watch them!!!

Graphite about 9x12
This drawing is a part of a photo reference for the WDE(weekend drawing event) from last week on WetCanvas, an artists website. The host had a lovely photo of two young girls at their dance recitile. I didn't have time to paint, but played around with the drawing during the week.

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jafabrit said...

I have often wanted to do that on wet canvas but I seem to scare away from it. Blogging, art, message board, and artist pursuits seems to pull me away from trying it. Admire those who can do it though.
Wet canvas is probably one of the best artists boards out there, with some fab artists and very supportive.

just wanted to say hi.

Shez said...

Hi there jafa,
Glad you stopped by. You should take some time and do one of the WDE's, you don't have to finish in 2 hrs. just post where you are at on the 2 hr mark, or wait till you are finished and post then. I am hardly ever finished during the weekend, sometimes months later. But they are a very friendly bunch, and respond whenever. We even post the "mess ups" to show that everyone has those too. Theirs a wonderful veriety of painters that do the WDE's I don't do it every weekend anymore but often stop by and comment anyway. I spend a lot of time in the learning areas of WC doing and reading the lessons, and WIP's etc., right now its figures and portraits, as you said it's the best on the internet. Why not try it next weekend. Let me know and I'll join you.