Black Parrot Tulip WIP

Hi all.........another flower closeup on the go!! These happen to be one of my favorite flowers.
This is sort of a study in a smaller size of the composition and coloring for a very large painting I want to do.
Trying to get all the kinks out ahead of time with the study.
I started this over a year ago, and wasn't happy with it, so went on to other things.
Then a few weeks ago, cleaning my studio, I came across it. Now I want to finish it and get going on the big one.
I'm about three quarters there I think. Trying to decide on the background color. Also a lot of highlites and different lighter shades of color yet for the petals and the stamen.
I'm open to any suggestions, critiques and comments. Feedback on the background too!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
NB.....Those shiny spots on the photo, are from the paper buckling a bit. It was still a bit damp when I took the pic, it will flatten out.
Painted with Acrylics on Watercolor paper