Hi all, ,,,,,, Well, it's been a while....took a sabbatical . Hit the brushes today, and pleased as punch, that I finally got this lovely flower painting finished ( ahhhh, will have to view it for a few days and see LOL). That's what I'm going to be doing for the next while, finishing paintings, and not starting new ones till I'm caught up. I have this bad habit of something catching my eye and I start a new canvas, and never get back to the half done ones so............I have good intentions, we'll see what happens.
Ok back to the Bells. My scanner tends to change the color of blues a lot so had to try adjust the color. The purplish coloring on the flowers is more blue in the original. Hope you like, comments welcome!!

Acrylic 16x12 Gallery wrapped Canvas

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Lesly said...

hi Shez ... this is nice. Very delicate colouring and it all holds together beautifully. Love the way the background complements the flowers.

Shez said...

Thankyou Lesly, a new idea on background for me, glad it looks like it works, and the flowers show how delicate the real ones are. Shez