Last week started out on a sad note, as my mom passed away a year ago on the 20th November. It ended on a beautiful, happy note, as my nephew became a father, to a beautiful little girl on that day, around the same time my mom passed on, and they gave their daughter my mom's name, and called her "Hope" tis the circle of life. Isn't that something!!

I decided to do a quick graphite drawing of her its about 10x10
Baby has a few health issues, so sleeps alot.
Couldn't get her with her eyes open.
Graphite doesn't show up well here, better in real life.
She's got hair already.


jafabrit said...

So sorry about your mum :(

Your post is very poignant.

Shez said...

Thank you Jafa, my mom would have been so pleased. It somehow makes it better.

leslyf said...

Sending you positive vibes, Shez .. I am sure that your mum is around and knows that you miss her. And this drawing is really sweet .. what a dear little baby.

Shez said...

Thank you Lesly, you know that saying, "you never know how much you'll miss them till their gone" runs so true.