The T-Mobile Dance

Look What I Found.........

This will bring a smile to your face, for all those who have the "Winter Blues".......enjoy!!!

Wish I had been there!!!


Sketchbook Drawing #4-Young Woman

Another hot off the press. Quick study, I seem to be on a roll here, just want to do faces it seems.
All these are just impulsive. No pre thought to draw them. I just get an impulse when I see a image, or something, and grab a pen or pencil and some paper. I tend to like to use a pen, as then it hinders me from being able to erase. Still playing that game with myself. I've done quite a few more since the last posting, but I'm going to post this one from last night as I quite like her look and she was done very quickly and no real hitches. Still very rough drawings, I'm a messy artist. But this one is a lot cleaner than most of them LOL.
This is done with pen on 8.5 X 11 paper........

Have some paintings on the must be getting bored with these sketches by now!!!
Stay tuned......


Sketchbook Vine Charcoal Drawing #3-Young Girl

Quick Study Sketch very rough, I played with last night. It's from a young girl riding on a merry go round, her hair flying. I centered it on her face, as I wanted to capture the movement, and her joy!!
May do a painting from this. I used charcoal and graphite, played around with some added markings and shading to give it a more abstract look. Not sure if I'm done yet, will have to look at it for a while. About 9 x 12in..... What do you think??


Quick Sketchbook Drawings-As Is #2.......No erasers

More like the first set from my sketchbook ranging in size from 5x7 to 10x10 or so these are the latest the owl in ink, and the young woman done in Colored Pencil. All quick studies. 10 to 15 minutes max. That's quick for me.Working on portraiture, features, likeness. Had fun with these. Feedback welcome.......

Nude Body Shapes Lines Contrasts Pt4

More from my Sketchbook, working on some new shapes and compositions, and body form. All quick sketches, rough work. No erasers allowed with the rough work. Some in Pen and ink, some in graphite.
What do you think?


Quick Sketchbook Drawings-As Is....No erasers

I set a goal for myself, back in Nov, to try do some kind of artwork every day.
With the sketches, the goal was to do very quick ones 5 to 10 min max, and no erasing allowed.
I like to play these games with myself, keeps me interested.
Thought I'd post some, see what they look like on the web. It seems to show things that you don't normally see on here, and helps you improve.
So these are all quickies, very rough work. Some may eventually be a painting. Some will be scrapped. Some I did for the poses, some to try different perspectives. Some just to see if I could draw it......LOL hey, that's the truth, practise , practise, practise. I hope to improve with these. So bear with me.All observations welcome......I won't bite....:) But I might snarl........all this cold cold winter weather is getting to me!!!!



to all of the Artists, Subscribers and Friends who visit this place,
thank you for your support, and visits. I wouldn't be here without you.

best wishes........ Sharron ( Shez, Sherry, Shar, Sher- depending on what hat I'm wearing LOL)