This is Kiwi, my constant companion, pest, painting assistant, and "A" type personality, female Cockatiel who has lived with me for 4 years. I have always had cats or dogs. Would never have thought a bird could be so smart, and loving. She was around 2 yrs when I got her. This was her third home, and I had never had a bird. It was a learning experience for both of us. She has been such a Joy for me. So I had to introduce her. Kiwi.....take your Bow. Did you know that Birds have tongues??? Neither did I till she licked my ear!!LOL


Kerri said...

What a sweet bird. Lucky you to have such a dear little companion. No, I didn't know birds had tongues and would lick your ear. How funny :)
Hi Kiwi!

Shez said...

Hi Kerri, yes she is sweet. I'm very lucky she was raised very gently, as she has never ever bitten anyone. When she is mad she sort of hisses, and pecks with her beak, but doesn't bite. They are not very big, about the size of a robin, but smaller built. But very brave, and will stand up to protect what's their's. It's been an amazing ride for me learning about her. Took about 3 weeks before she first licked my ear. Brought tears to my eyes, as I knew then, that she was mine. Needless to say, she is spoilt rotten, and has free range in the house. Kiwi...we have a new friend who says hi, and lives in New York State USA!!