I've been playing with my Charcoals again. My daughter has never asked me, but I know she would like me to do a painting of her wonderful Boxer puppy, (well I guess he's not a puppy anymore, as he's going on 3 yrs) "Sprokit". I know she likes black and white photography, and had given me a great black & white photo over a year ago. Was going thru my files last night and came upon it. So thought I'd try one, to surprise her, in charcoal first. He has quite the personality, a great family dog, with beautiful brindle markings. He's on good paper about 9 x 12. Comments welcome, what do you think.??

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Lesly said...

What a gorgeous drawing! He looks full of life (and mischief).

Shez said...

Thankyou Lesly, yes, he has quite the personality. If you think I captured, that, then I'm really pleased.!!! I did however, go back and smooth out a few things that caught my eye, you know what that's like!!