Did this one today adding it to the
series Nov 24/06.
Thought it was time to add another.

"Scotch On The Rocks" 11x14 Graphite
Did another one today, I'm having too much fun with these!!.
Need some good names for them, open to suggestions, post them in comments.
Calling this one for now.......
"Paunch"..........11 x 14 Graphite


Lesly said...

Hi Shez ... these drawings are fun ...!

and thanks for your comments on 'not fade away' .... but I cannot add them without showing everything you wrote ... as I can only publish the whole thing or delete it (no editing facility).

snf I would like to comment on your questions re WC and A&A ... so can you let me have your email address? (you can email me from either of my blogs). Would love to chat so please do.......

Shez said...

Well, shoot, Lesly I didn't know that. I see now it's all or nothing!! Thank you for your comment on my whimsy drawings. I'm off to your blog.

gord said...

haha, this one's a blast, Shez - how bout calling it "Paunch" ?


Shez said...

Gord hi, thanks for stopping by.
Ha...that's a good one....Paunch!!