UPDATE "Tides Out"

This color is more true to Original, my scanner seems to change the blues all the time. Boy, would I like to be trapzing in that surf right now. Will work on the boys next, almost done!

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What Happened to May?

I seem to be having a problem here, as none of my postings for May are showing up on the main page. Not even showing in the May is missing there too!! how do I fix this???? I shall return.

"50 By 50" Project

Meant to tell you in an earlier post about this. One of my paintings "Reflections" is now in this project started by artist Mark Cotton. He's doing an mosaic of paintings from artists that are 50x50 pixels each to form a large painting. Each painting if clicked on will enlarge, so you can see the artist's work and also the URL address for their website or blog. A really cool idea. My painting is the one of the Bottles, I posted here in Apr called Reflections, right now it's situated on the extreme bottom right corner, but that will change as more paintings are added. Here's the URL, also have it under my Links line in my side bar. Go have a look, see if you can find it!!

Tides Out

Newport Oregon
With Spring Fever and all, trying to vent my thirst for sand and ocean. .........Not Finished..........Just started yesterday for a bit. There will be a couple of young boys, wading through the surf, just roughed them in. There's a storm coming.

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"CanCan Les Folies"

Another from my Dancer Series. How did these women dance with those cumbersome tho beautiful Gowns, and the Hats!!! It was really something to show your "skin" in those days
Sorry photo is a bit blurry.

Ballerina Drawing Painting Backstage

Waiting Backstage
This is what dancers do, sit on the floor stretching, always extending their limbs, while they wait to go on. Always watching the performance on stage, waiting with anticipation. I love to watch them………......

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Venice Study from Sargent

My interpretation of this wonderful Sargent painting of Venice. One of many that he did around 1908,09,1910. Love how he captured the light in his paintings.

Time Flies.........

Wow, it's a while since I've posted here. Life seems to do that to one sometimes. 
We have been having incredible weather, last week 5 or 6 days in the 90's, so been getting some sun, and seeking some plants for my pots, and doing some painting. Washing the car (not me, my darling son-in-law offered) he's spoiling me. Now I'm going to do the annual Turtle Wax protection on my beautiful Ruby Red Intrepid. I love that car, especially when she sparkles.
Yes I have Spring Fever......I just want to jump in the car and take parts unknown....probably the Ocean, that's what I need to do, run barefoot in the surf, fill myself with Crab and Prawns, a good bottle of wine....Pure Bliss. mmmmm.