On the light side, here are some sketches done today on perhaps some future paintings, based on people I've viewed in bars,clubs, and resturants over the years. These first two women, I'm calling "Bar Babes" for now. We'll see what happens after I think on them some more.

"What Can I Get Ya" - Graphite 11 x 14in

Over The Hill - Willow Charcoal 11 x 14

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Sherry said...

These are great! The 2nd one reminds me of a mix between a (younger) drunk Carol Burnett and.....Liza Minnelli?? Anyways they're fun and nice to see something a bit different. Good job!

Shez said...

Hi Sherry, yes I can see the Carol and Liza look now that you mentioned it, though it wasn't on my mind when I was working on them!! The gang at WetCanvas got a kick out of them too!! So my whimsy intent was received, that's all I can ask for. LOL