Hydrangea - Finished !!

Finished this today, and got it entered in the project on time!!
I'm actually quite pleased as to how it turned out. Have a couple more in mind, larger scale.
The background was an experiment for me, as I usually do a very dark one,
but wanted to play with the light and colors, hoping to give it a lovely airy flair.:)

Acrylics on 11x14in need to frame if you don't want to.


Hydrangea WIP (work in progress)

One of my favorite flowers, and much beloved by all. This delicate beauty, looks wonderful on the bush, and stands up as a lovely dried flower, in many vases over the years.
I wanted to get into the world inside this flower, one of the few that gives us a true blue color.
I consider this painting a study, for a much larger one I wish to do.
This one is for an artists monthly event at WetCanvas Florals forum.
Not quite finished, as I need to do my shadows, and highlights yet, and post it later today at WetCanvas. But wanted to see if there were any other fixes needed first, and they seem to show up better posted here...........
Acrylics on 11"x14" Canvas.

"Too Hot"

Our temperatures, that is. We've been in a big heat wave for over 3 weeks now. It's been in the high 90's, low 100's with no wind, like opening the door of an oven when you go outside.
Wanted to show you what I got in an email this morning. Thought you might get a good laugh from it too.........
You know it's Hot in Canada, when Wildlife head to the (beach) NO - POOL!!!..................