Good Day everyone!!  Another beautiful day here, Sun shining,slight breeze, will be in the mid 80's later. What more can you ask for.  I'm adding another painting I finished for another monthly Challenge on WetCanvas..  This month the host wanted any kind of  Blue flowers.  This is a beautiful bearded Iris, that I loved to grow when I had a backyard.  Every year this particular plant would dazzle me with this display of these beautiful blooms.  The blooms were not suppose to be so blue, but this one liked to show her display on her own, and every year her blooms reigned over the others. So in tribute to that lovely lady who danced with the wind. I painted one of her girls.........this is one of my "Petite Pearls" Series showcasing smaller paintings. Hope you enjoy!!!
Painted with Acrylics on Gallery Canvas, 8x10 inches


Anemone Flower Challenge

 Such a wonderful summer day today, I was in the studio this morning doing a painting for an Artists Challenge. online, and thought you guys might like to see what I was up to.  We were suppose to use a medium we've never used before, no more than an hour, with some ink included if we wanted, and no pre drawing.  I used Watercolors  with some Ink outlines. Took about an hour . Just a small study, 5x7inch,  painted first, then outlined. I found watercolors a good challenge, after Acrylics and Oils.  Will have to do some more quick studies to get a better feel for them.. Keeta my cat lounged on my table in the sun while I experimented..At least he kept his paws to himself today, he often likes to give me a hand.  LOL