Just had to do a few TouchUps with Sprokit, to show his markings better.
I think I can call it "Finished" now.
My Daughter gets it tomorrow. I did email her and sent a picture. She is just thrilled, says it looks "just like her Boy", can't wait to see it! So I'm happy Too!! Here's the Update


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I've been playing with my Charcoals again. My daughter has never asked me, but I know she would like me to do a painting of her wonderful Boxer puppy, (well I guess he's not a puppy anymore, as he's going on 3 yrs) "Sprokit". I know she likes black and white photography, and had given me a great black & white photo over a year ago. Was going thru my files last night and came upon it. So thought I'd try one, to surprise her, in charcoal first. He has quite the personality, a great family dog, with beautiful brindle markings. He's on good paper about 9 x 12. Comments welcome, what do you think.??

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Well it's Sunday night, we had a beautiful weekend here, and some thunder storms earlier, at dusk, what a beautiful smell in the air after, I love that!! Fresh, clean, fragrant, are the smells that come to mind.
During the storm I started playing with the background on one of my canvases. Experimenting with mixtures, and colors, and glazes.
After working on a composition, I started this painting of some gladiolus sitting here in a couple of vases.
Just started with the flowers, there's going to be a lot more, and some different colors. There's a ways to go yet. Not doing a drawing, just doing shapes with my brush. Not too detailed.
So this is a WIP (work in progress). Posting it as I like to see what it looks like with a different perspective that the computer gives. Easier to see the mistakes this way.
Working with acrylics, 20x24 gallery wrapped canvas, (no need to frame)
here's the start, what do you think? comments welcome.

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Flowers Galore WIP

WooHoo I'm in painting mode, this is from a recent Painting event at WetCanvas.
You can tell it's summer, can't get enough of all the flowers right now......and I want to paint every last one!!! I'm in color heaven. I actually have a few on the go right now.
This one is about half done.. Wanted to post it and see what it looks like at this point. it. . I have paintings all over the house, that I glance at when I'm at this stage it helps me analyze them better..Sometimes I make big changes, and sometimes I can see I'm on the right track.
So here you go, have a look, see what you think. Acrylic on 12 x 16 Gallery Canvas.

These are called
"Canterbury Bells"

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Charcoal Drawings From The Garden Today

Hi there, hope everyone is having a great summer. I was out in the garden, checking out the upcoming blooms today. Beautiful 80 degrees, so took my sketchbook, and did a few drawings in willow charcoal and conte pencil.
Want to do a painting of the flowers when they open more.
Trumpet Flower Vine, Willow Charcoal

Trumpet Vine Flower Willow Charcoal

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