Sorry guys, I've been off computer's been down.
Had to get a new motherboard!! And a second hand one at that, as they are not making them for mine anymore...5 years old... Old for computers I guess.

Oh, and I got a warranty too......for a whole one month!!! You've got to laugh when they tell you that with a straight face. I finally realized he was serious, and thought that was a
good month......hello!!!! where did good workmanship and standing by a product go to???

We're being robbed, do you know that, well I'm finally admitting it, and it stinks. Remember that song.............. "We're not going to take it, We're not going to take it, We're not going to take it ........ANYMORE!!!!!! We need to all stand on our roof tops and yell those words out!!!!!

No wonder everything is messed up, we've lost our pride and esteem in our products and industries. We now get one month warranties.!!!

Hello.... Lets Make Some Positive Changes. If each and every one of us were to say, or do just one thing to get these changes, it will help. Think about it...........

OK I feel better, I'm off the soap box for now.......your turn :D

Young Woman -Vine Charcoal Drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend......I'm posting a new drawing I did participating in an artist event this weekend. Worked with Charcoal and some graphite on this lovely young lady named Faith. My idea was to use as few marks and lines as possible to convey her image in grey tones first, and then do a painting perhaps, later. Done on 11x9 card stock, which worked pretty good for charcoal. What do you think??