Lady Slipper Orchid - Angel's Flight

Hot off the press.......I fell in love with this delicate beauty, and just had to get her on canvas.
Love the long tendrils, the exotic stripes and spots, and those colors, well that did it for me!!!
Hope you enjoy her too!!!  Look deep, deep,  into her eyes..............!!!!

Acrylic on 12 x 12in Deep Box Canvas


Hydrangea - Finished !!

Finished this today, and got it entered in the project on time!!
I'm actually quite pleased as to how it turned out. Have a couple more in mind, larger scale.
The background was an experiment for me, as I usually do a very dark one,
but wanted to play with the light and colors, hoping to give it a lovely airy flair.:)

Acrylics on 11x14in need to frame if you don't want to.


Hydrangea WIP (work in progress)

One of my favorite flowers, and much beloved by all. This delicate beauty, looks wonderful on the bush, and stands up as a lovely dried flower, in many vases over the years.
I wanted to get into the world inside this flower, one of the few that gives us a true blue color.
I consider this painting a study, for a much larger one I wish to do.
This one is for an artists monthly event at WetCanvas Florals forum.
Not quite finished, as I need to do my shadows, and highlights yet, and post it later today at WetCanvas. But wanted to see if there were any other fixes needed first, and they seem to show up better posted here...........
Acrylics on 11"x14" Canvas.

"Too Hot"

Our temperatures, that is. We've been in a big heat wave for over 3 weeks now. It's been in the high 90's, low 100's with no wind, like opening the door of an oven when you go outside.
Wanted to show you what I got in an email this morning. Thought you might get a good laugh from it too.........
You know it's Hot in Canada, when Wildlife head to the (beach) NO - POOL!!!..................


Top Artists Directory

Good Day everyone!!! It's my birthday week, July 25th and I'm getting presents already.........
I'm so happy, I've had a real honor today, Kim Barker over at Top Artists Directory has sent me a note saying that I was selected as "Feature Artist" this week!!Make a stop over there and check the site out!! Thank you Kim, you are such a hard working woman!!


Win a Free Mini Portrait

I've just entered this contest over at Laketrees, Kim Barker's site, and thought some of you might be interested in entering it too.
Kim is offering a wonderful portrait to the winner, to be announced the end of this month!!!.
Just click on the link below and it will take you there!!
Good luck everyone!!!

Rose .....almost finished

I've joined into a June project at WetCanvas -a wonderful artists forum I'm a member of- and we were to paint a rose and post it on the due date for all to see. I decided to do a hybrid tea rose and concentrate on the heart of it, the core of the rose. I've almost finished it, still some work left, with the outer petals and at least one more color glaze maybe two, to get to the color I want. But so far I'm quite pleased with it, and thought I'd post it here to see what it looks like.

Used Golden Full Body Acrylics on 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas.
I've carried the painting on to the sides, so no need to frame it unless one wants to.


Sketchbook Vine Charcoal Drawing #5 - Young Woman

Still working on doing some drawings every day if possible, to improve my skills.
This one was done tonight while watching a movie "Catwoman" ......I had never seen it before..... with Halle Berry, Sharon Stone.
Wow Halle is one incredible beautiful woman, I may, just have to try draw her sometime, and her figure is to die for!!!!
I really enjoyed the movie, and in the end had this drawing done. I did not work too hard on it, but going to post it as I don't want to nit pick on a study.
I find I'm working with the charcoals much faster, and more efficient, so that's good, also getting a good likeness a lot better, and faster. So I'm pleased.
Would love to hear from you.....Crits & Comments always welcome!!
Done with Willow Vine Charcoal
About 9 x12 in my Sketchpad


Vine Charcoal Drawing "Jack Big Plume" Native American Sarcee Tribe

Hi there, here's a new piece I did this past weekend, entered a drawing and painting event and Jack was a reference. Just had to have a go at him. Such a fabulous face to work with.
I don't use my charcoals that much and really enjoy them and need to do more portraits, so pulled out the willow vine charcoal and this is the result.
We have a two hour limit and then are to show our works finished or not at that time....I was pleased to have him done.
I'll probably see something that needs a touch up after a couple days or so,
but here he is.
Size is about 12 x 16 inches

Proud Sarcee Warrior - Jack Big Plume



Well, I'm pleased, did some more work last night, so I'm adding these to my Body Shapes Lines Series. More work with vine charcoal and conte, playing with light. Will give them a couple days to digest then do some touch ups where needed. They show well in real life, not as dark as here. Would look good framed in Black. about ll x9 and 9 x 9.
Thanks for looking. Comments and Crits learn something new everyday.


Girl Vine Charcoal Very Quick Sketch

Hi there, just a very quick crazy sketch to try get my muse back. Only 5 min with some  vine willow charcoal. Just went at it. I see lots of touch ups needed, but I'm going to leave it as is. That's the whole idea. Added some red acrylics for her lips......... I've been dealing with artist block for the past while, have no idea why, but, have started some quick sketches, hoping it helps



Sorry guys, I've been off computer's been down.
Had to get a new motherboard!! And a second hand one at that, as they are not making them for mine anymore...5 years old... Old for computers I guess.

Oh, and I got a warranty too......for a whole one month!!! You've got to laugh when they tell you that with a straight face. I finally realized he was serious, and thought that was a
good month......hello!!!! where did good workmanship and standing by a product go to???

We're being robbed, do you know that, well I'm finally admitting it, and it stinks. Remember that song.............. "We're not going to take it, We're not going to take it, We're not going to take it ........ANYMORE!!!!!! We need to all stand on our roof tops and yell those words out!!!!!

No wonder everything is messed up, we've lost our pride and esteem in our products and industries. We now get one month warranties.!!!

Hello.... Lets Make Some Positive Changes. If each and every one of us were to say, or do just one thing to get these changes, it will help. Think about it...........

OK I feel better, I'm off the soap box for now.......your turn :D

Young Woman -Vine Charcoal Drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend......I'm posting a new drawing I did participating in an artist event this weekend. Worked with Charcoal and some graphite on this lovely young lady named Faith. My idea was to use as few marks and lines as possible to convey her image in grey tones first, and then do a painting perhaps, later. Done on 11x9 card stock, which worked pretty good for charcoal. What do you think??


The T-Mobile Dance

Look What I Found.........

This will bring a smile to your face, for all those who have the "Winter Blues".......enjoy!!!

Wish I had been there!!!


Sketchbook Drawing #4-Young Woman

Another hot off the press. Quick study, I seem to be on a roll here, just want to do faces it seems.
All these are just impulsive. No pre thought to draw them. I just get an impulse when I see a image, or something, and grab a pen or pencil and some paper. I tend to like to use a pen, as then it hinders me from being able to erase. Still playing that game with myself. I've done quite a few more since the last posting, but I'm going to post this one from last night as I quite like her look and she was done very quickly and no real hitches. Still very rough drawings, I'm a messy artist. But this one is a lot cleaner than most of them LOL.
This is done with pen on 8.5 X 11 paper........

Have some paintings on the must be getting bored with these sketches by now!!!
Stay tuned......


Sketchbook Vine Charcoal Drawing #3-Young Girl

Quick Study Sketch very rough, I played with last night. It's from a young girl riding on a merry go round, her hair flying. I centered it on her face, as I wanted to capture the movement, and her joy!!
May do a painting from this. I used charcoal and graphite, played around with some added markings and shading to give it a more abstract look. Not sure if I'm done yet, will have to look at it for a while. About 9 x 12in..... What do you think??


Quick Sketchbook Drawings-As Is #2.......No erasers

More like the first set from my sketchbook ranging in size from 5x7 to 10x10 or so these are the latest the owl in ink, and the young woman done in Colored Pencil. All quick studies. 10 to 15 minutes max. That's quick for me.Working on portraiture, features, likeness. Had fun with these. Feedback welcome.......

Nude Body Shapes Lines Contrasts Pt4

More from my Sketchbook, working on some new shapes and compositions, and body form. All quick sketches, rough work. No erasers allowed with the rough work. Some in Pen and ink, some in graphite.
What do you think?


Quick Sketchbook Drawings-As Is....No erasers

I set a goal for myself, back in Nov, to try do some kind of artwork every day.
With the sketches, the goal was to do very quick ones 5 to 10 min max, and no erasing allowed.
I like to play these games with myself, keeps me interested.
Thought I'd post some, see what they look like on the web. It seems to show things that you don't normally see on here, and helps you improve.
So these are all quickies, very rough work. Some may eventually be a painting. Some will be scrapped. Some I did for the poses, some to try different perspectives. Some just to see if I could draw it......LOL hey, that's the truth, practise , practise, practise. I hope to improve with these. So bear with me.All observations welcome......I won't bite....:) But I might snarl........all this cold cold winter weather is getting to me!!!!



to all of the Artists, Subscribers and Friends who visit this place,
thank you for your support, and visits. I wouldn't be here without you.

best wishes........ Sharron ( Shez, Sherry, Shar, Sher- depending on what hat I'm wearing LOL)