Guitar Color Burst

This was painted from a beautiful one of a kind glass art guitar .The owner took a photo for one of our WDE's (weekend drawing event) on WetCanvas, for us to paint, draw, etc. She knew we would love the colors and lights from it. She was right! This is what I did!! Acrylic 16X20 gallery wrapped canvas.


Kerri said...

Wow Shez! I'm awed by the colors in this! You've done a remarkable job. You seem to be very productive. Do you paint every day? Do you Have a family to look after?
I really appreciate what you said in reply to my last comment. You're not only an artist, but a teacher too :)
I'd love to do what you suggest, but alas, I don't have the time at the moment. Since we sold our dairy cows I've worked at school, and with life's everyday activities, my waking hours seem very full. AND since I've been blogging I NEVER seem to have enough hours in the day to fit in all I want to. I've been staying up much too late! Kylie got me started (my husband is ready to beat her up :) Her blog is Curiosity as a sign of on my blog. She's been busy lately so hasn't done much in the way of postings.
I did enjoy doing the exercises in Betty Edward's book. Maybe someday I'll do more. I really do appreciate your little 'pep' talk, and that you cared enough to be an encourager. I'll be content to just 'watch' you work at the moment though, and I'll enjoy seeing what you produce. You can find my email in my profile if you ever want to be in touch that way. Did you know that you can set up your blog comments to come right into your email box? It's convenient because if the other blogger has his/her email in their profile you can send a reply.
I love the other 2 works that you've posted too. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do with the dancers.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Shez said...

bHi Kerri,
I seem to go in spurts with my painting, but I am pushing to do something every day. My kids are adults now, and I'm a widow, so just me and Kiwi to worry about. I get to do whatever I want. Even paint in my P.J.'s at 4 in the morning. It's a wonderful freeing feeling sometimes LOL
Hope you don't feel I was pushing you too hard. I just get very passionate about painting and want everyone to feel it like I do. It's such a wondrous feeling you get sometimes when you put the brush down, and you look at what you have done, and you feel like Rembrandt, or Monet, or Sargent....a great artist...Ta Da !! Doesn't last long, but you remember. I want everyone to experience that, If not in painting, maybe something else..just do the best you can, and feel good about yourself. Oh shoot, there I go rambling again.
Make sure you make some time for yourself Kerri, OK??
Thanks for the info on the email.
I'm still setting this blog up so seems like I've been painting up a storm. Just from the last 3 months mostly.But will be updating often.

amwhite1 said...

Saw this one last night at Leslie's Shez, and had to look for it again today, it's absolutely amazing!!! I'd be proud to take your work to a gallery Shez, and I won't stop bugging you about it either...Got portfolio will travel! :))

Shez said...

Anita really appreciate your lovely comments here. Thank you.When I get a portfolio together we will talk :)