Just stopped by a blog that I visit and had such a great laugh I wanted to pass it along.
The blog is called "Jafabrits Art", by a wonderful Ohio Artist who goes by the name Jafabrit.
It's a You Tube video by a British Comedian and I quote how Jafabrit explains it: "Have any of you ever read an unfamiliar word and misunderstood its meaning? Here is an example by the comedian Catherine Tate called "mushroom soup" which I think is just hilarious." And so do I, click here: Catherine Tate
I must admit that just listening to the British accent was a good laugh on it's own. (sorry to all Brits, but you got to admit it's hard to understand!!)


Blogging Tips for Dummies

That's me......and right now my head can't hold any more information.
I've been trying to learn the ins and outs of setting up and changing my templates for my blogs.
I've been wanting to do this for months, and change my colors etc. in my blog. So for last few weeks, on and off I've been looking and reading at many different places and sites about how to do this, and how to set up my own website.
I've just scratched the surface, but have achieved some good results, and believe me, if I can do it anyone can. You just have to follow a certain method (to the madness), and never do anything without having backup( I learned that the hard way).
Still haven't changed to the new blogger yet, but have set up another from that and just now learning how to do things with it. When I've got that down, I'll be changing this blog and my other one over.
There are some great places and people out there who will help if you ask. I just started with blogger help, and found that you get more info if you go into the advanced part. also reading the responses on the forums helps.
There is a book out called "Blogging for Dummies" that is great. Takes you step by step. I also found a weblog on Blogger called "Dummies Guide to Blogger" by a gentleman named Peter Chin here:
That I found very very useful, and easy to follow. This site covers the old and new blogger plus he has links there for two other blogs that cover more blogger tips and tricks. Just take your time on his blog to find what you are looking for. He has a lot of very useful information, and explains it very simply with visual help, so much easier to understand. Very worthwhile visit on his blogs. I thank you very much Mr. Chin, I've finally got a grasp of HTML and CSS, and Templates. and right now I'm playing with colors for my blog, and changing the set up. That should keep me busy for a while......... remember......always backup before you change anything!!!

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