"50 By 50" Project

Meant to tell you in an earlier post about this. One of my paintings "Reflections" is now in this project started by artist Mark Cotton. He's doing an mosaic of paintings from artists that are 50x50 pixels each to form a large painting. Each painting if clicked on will enlarge, so you can see the artist's work and also the URL address for their website or blog. A really cool idea. My painting is the one of the Bottles, I posted here in Apr called Reflections, right now it's situated on the extreme bottom right corner, but that will change as more paintings are added. Here's the URL, also have it under my Links line in my side bar. Go have a look, see if you can find it!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that's cool, found your painting!! Do I win something??? Just kidding.
Love your work, will be back