Banff Alberta - Lake Minnewanka Landscape

Here's a Landscape painting from just outside Banff Alberta in the Rockys. This was painted mostly from knife work, and some brush on the sky, water, and trees. My first real painting with a knife. Find I use them a lot now for different looks, textures and lines. Finally got back and finished it off today. Done on WaterColor Paper, with Acrylics 12 x 16in. Comments Welcome!

Lake Minnewanka

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Lesly said...

Hi Shez ... this is super! You should be doing more of these. The mountains are definitely the heroes! ... and have a dark and brooding quality.

I think it has great abstract qualities to it, too. Lovely.

Shez said...

Thank you my lady.....This was fun to do trying out my palette knifes. Amazing how much easier Mountains and rocks are with them!!