Woman with Red Scarf.... Charcoal Drawing

 Posting her to see what she looks like.  I often see fixes that need to be done so much easier, when posted.  was going to just leave her scarf just as it was, but last night my muse decided she needed some color.....what do you think. lol thoughts welcomed. Just enjoying the lovely summer and playing.  Hope you are too.
Drawing with vine charcoal, and a bit of mischief with her scarf....done in my big sketchbook, about 9x12in. Still a WIP (work in progress) with this one.


Young Woman 2 Vine Charcoal Quick Drawing

Have been working with some Vine Charcoal drawings last couple of days
Thought I'd post them.  These are quick drawings, quite rough, nothing fancy,  or extra fixing done.
I often like to use ball point pens to do this , as you can't erase those and I like the challenge.....Of course like anything else, the more you do these, the more you learn and the better you get....

 This one was done with charcoal and conte for the hair.......
Close up.........

Though hair not finished, or any work on features will be leaving these as is, my challenge was on doing these quickly, less than 10 min or so each.......
Both are drawn in my sketchbook  size about 9x12"each.
Anyone else do these kind of things, feedback welcomed......:)


Witch, Old Hag Update!!

This is an update to the original painting wanted to give her a better background.
It's a Digi painting done in my Photoshop Elements program. Just used a Mouse and no layering.....basically cause I have never gotten to reading how to do layers as yet.....LOL
My first digi painting with a figure. If you scroll down a couple of posts, You'll find more info on my endeavors... This painting was done from a photo of some dolls in a store window.
 I like this background much better, She looks more like a painting done with acrylic or oils now.......:) 


Witchy Witch.....A Sweet for You, My Dear.....

Was doing a WDE....Weekend Drawing/Painting Event at WetCanvas  last night and this is what I came up with.  I did a 9x12 sketch of the reference(of some hand made dolls, one was an old craggy witch)  first, and then scanned it onto my computer and ended up doing a digi painting with my sketch, using my mouse with my Photoshop Elements programe.
My first, not very savvy with image programs, so was pleased with the outcome of this....thought I'd post it and show everyone.  Goes to show that anything is possible, even with primative tools....LOL The Link above is to my thread on this image at WetCanvas. Hope you enjoy

Here's my Witchy Witch..........


Portrait Of My Little Ballerina

Wonderful news, my painting has arrived.!!!
I'm so thrilled it's here. It's come all the way from San Salvador, an Island in the Bahamas.
It's a beautiful Pastel Portrait 16x20in of my Grand Daughter Julia 3yrs,. painted by a wonderful Artist and friend Li Newton. her website is   HERE..
She's a fantastic artist and photographer go have a look.
I was Host to a Weekend  Challenge at an Artist site called WetCanvas some weeks ago. One of the references I posted for the Artists was a photo taken by my daughter of Julia in her Tutu,  When I saw this painting that Li had done of her, I just had to have it, a birthday gift to myself .(big smile) Isn't it gorgeous LOL!!!


Mr.Musselman Champion Standardbred Trotter

Hi there, just a quick note.....
Just adding an update to the previous post of this gorgeous boy.....Did some cropping, and adjusting, to see what  the drawing would look like set up. So thought I'd post it for you to see how we fiddle at times, yes, I'm playing again. Hey I own up to it. That's just the way I am.  What's a girl going to do.....????  (smile)
It's another beautiful day here again, so, I'm  on my way out. Got my camera with me. Yes, I'll be looking at more flowers for sure.  Just can't stay away from them. I love flowers, can you tell...... Have a good day you all!!!!


Mr. Musselman - Gorgeous Horse

 Hi everyone!!! Posting another painting.... There was a Challenge on WetCanvas-an Artists site- recently to paint a portion of an image of this gorgeous horse, be it abstract, macro, what have you.
So this is what I  did.......
This was done in my Scratchbook with Water Color Pencils. Not that familiar with the medium, especially when wet. But I like how this turned out, many layers, about 2 hrs or so.
As you can see the horse is a Champion Standard bred Trotter.
I sure would love to see him race!!!!


Delphiniums Summers Delight

 I love Delphiniums. I wait every year for them to start blooming. This is a painting I did on impulse, painted quickly, without thinking about it too much. It's a study, for a larger format that I'd like to do.  Wanted to see what kind of composition might work for them..  Will have to think on it for a few days, or weeks .......LOL
I like to post so I can see what it looks like from a different perspective.
Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy!!!
Painted  with Acrylics 8"x10"  on Watercolor paper


Waddenzee Netherlands

Painting is done with Water Color Pencils Another Speed Painting.
I really like the Vastness of this View, want to do this same painting in Acrylics large format.
Have some others in the works first.
View is from Texel Island looking towards the Dutch mainland,  Tide's Out.
The Wadden Sea
(Dutch: Waddenzee, German: Wattenmeer, Low German:
Wattensee, Danish: Vadehavet, West Frisian: Waadsee) is an intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea.
It lies between the coast of northwestern continental
Europe and the range of Frisian Islands, forming a shallow body of water with tidal flats and
wetlands. It is rich in biological diversity.
In 2009, the Dutch and German parts of the Wadden Sea were inscribed on
UNESCO's World Heritage List..........
From Wikipedia:


Magnolia Flower Heart

New Alla Prima Speed Painting
painted for a monthly challenge in the  Floral forum at WetCanvas..The beautiful Magnolia was the flower this month.  I choose a lovely macro shot from a  wonderful reference of a Flickr member nordique under a Creative Commons Attribution License..
This was done in 45 min start to finish with Watercolor Pencils on  9 x 12 Acrylic paper.
As before, no pre drawing, just worked with the pencils, which are new to me. too, so  it was a good challenge. Hardest part is to walk away, and leave it be.(Though I must say with watercolors, that are harder to fix things with, it is easier to do that....(smile)...)  Working this quick is such a rush of adrenalin, I'm really enjoying it. Hope you enjoy.....what do you think??


Charlie Boy

Hi everyone, here's a New Speed Painting just finished, of this cute little guy named  "Charlie" from a weekend Challenge at WetCanvas. 
I've been working lately on some speed painting, to get more spontaneity, in my paintings and lively brush/ pencil/ pastel strokes . 
Don't want to think too much about the image, just do it.. 
So this is how I approached Charlie
Used Water Color Pencils, on him, and a bit of white pastel at the end.- size 9 x 12.. 
Done in around 45 mins. which is quick for me. I just walked away then, didn't dare go back, or I'd still be working on him. LOL

You will probably see more of these Speed paintings in the weeks to come.  I really like them, and it's getting my Muse working again, and my strokes are looser. 
Thanks for looking, comments and input welcome !!


An Apple A Day -Sweet and Tart

Just off the easel!!
Acrylics on a 12 x 12 x 2in Gallery Wrapped Canvas
-no need to frame with these thick canvases

I love these canvases. They look so good when hung on the wall. 
This would look wonderful in a kitchen, the colors just pop, I love red can you tell, and this has all of my favoites in it..Including  a couple of Macintosh Apples....also my favorites, sweet and tart, yummy.
I think it's finished, will leave it for a few days and see if anything catches my eye.
So what do you think.??  Good enough to eat??  LOL

Thanks for looking.....(smile)


Wild Flower Wheel - A Little Corner in the Garden

Acrylic on 9x12 Water Color paper.
This is for a WDE (Weekend Drawing/Painting Event) at WetCanvas. Mary was our Host.

I was drawn to the different shapes objects and greens in this composition.
After laying in another layer of gesso, I blocked in the basic elements in the composition,
darkening the foreground, just laying  a good foundation. with thinned paint.
I then worked on the building layers and basic shapes, leaves, adding thicker paint as I proceeded.
At the end the flowers,  final touches and highlights were added thickly to give texture and dimension..
Thanks for having a look!!!



Happy New Year to you all!!!
Stopped by to add a link to The Florals Forum Monthly Project Thread, at  WetCanvas  as I mentioned in the post below.I'm hosting there this month, everyone is welcome, all mediums and ability levels. Lively  friendly group of artists from all over the world. Come join us!!  Here's the link........Click Here..