INNOCENCE Young Woman...Vine Charcoal & Conte

Hi all,
I've been working with some Vine Charcoal and Conte pencils again. Working on an idea for a painting, and practising my contour drawing skills. There was an certain innocent look I was trying to capture here. I can see she still needs some work, but I've gone far enough for this study. Took about and hour or so. Quick for me. 11x14 sketchpad, Charcoal Conte Pencil.

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Lesly said...

Shez ... this is a beautiful drawing. And it will make a lovely painting.

Just one tiny thing ... check out the width between her eyes ... they may be a tad far apart? Looking at a portrait in a mirror will often tell you if anything is slightly out of whack. But it may well be that she has widely spaced eyes!

You really have a nice drawing technique, ... very sensitively done.

Sherry said...

just stopped by to see what was new in here.
This is great....the eyes are so life like. (I'm no pro-haha) but, looks great!

Shez said...

Hi there Lesly, yes, her eyes are a bit too far apart caught it when I posted it. Will use the mirror tip next time, thanks, and thankyou for the feedback, that's how I learn. Comment and Crits always welcome with me.I appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Shez

You too Sherry, hi, yes, I'm trying to improve my drawing skills especially portraits. You don't have to be an expert to make comments. I've always gone on what I liked, or something that caught my eye good or bad.Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you stopped by.