Above just adding some more Body Lines to a series I started way back in Apr and May 07.
Just felt like working with some Vine Charcoal. Working with different Ideas.
Think these would look good together say six or so in a line or a square.
Each is 11x8 on black pastel paper

Above is another nude drawing I also did Friday night . This one is done with graphite, much cleaner to work with, but hard to get the dark darks. But I'm pleased with it. Another painting to come, but with very dark contrasts and background as in the charcoal. Think it would good. Again from my sketchbook so size is 11x14. Had to photoshop it a bit to darken, as graphite does not show up well when scanned. I need a new camera. :) What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful! You should do a painting of it.
I have done some nude sketches and what keeps me from doing paintings of them. I find that it is easier to do more realistic drawings then it is to do realistic paintings.

Is it that way for you? Skin seems soo hard to get right.
Anyhoo, great work! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

Shez said...

Thank you Angela.
With Painting these,it's just different medium and different approach. I actually think it might be easier to paint figures, as you can just use the paint as a suggestion of a line, or a detail, and you don't have to do all the tiny details. They say you use a different side of your brain when you paint verses drawing, and that's why some people have difficulty at first, if they are not use to it.Same for pastels, colored pencil work etc. Interesting huh. Same old thing practise, practise, practise, and it comes to you easier.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! My brain is not as big as many seeing as how they have taken a part of it out. Not a big piece though. Anyhoo, that's very interesting!

Shez said...

Wow Angela, so glad they left the "Best Parts In" ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)

Khairun said...

Hello.. thought id stop lurking once and for all and break the commenting silence! Well, I think you did very well, the contours of the back and arch are perfect. Two very minor points: The boob seems abit too perky and I would make the hairlines abit softer. Just my opinion of course. I can't claim to be any good at figure drawing since its one of my weak points.
Anyway Keep creating!

Shez said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! Luv the feedback. I know the hair's messed up, and I gave her a bit much of a perky boob. Just had enough with her at the know what I mean. I tend to not erase much, and leave some things, sort of as notes for me for next time. Haven't worked much with graphite and charcoal, I like to work with paint more. Sorry it took so long to publish your comment, but my computer is down, and in the shop. Hope to get back to normal soon. Will pop over to your site too.