More playing around with my acrylics.
Just trying to see how far you can go with them.
This was done very wet on wet washes, a lot more than the Poseys.
After the first few washes of different colors, I looked to see what jumped out at me in regards to shapes, and I saw cabbage type roses, so after it dried I went back in and softly tried to emphasize the shapes a bit more of the roses and leaves. I liked the soft look, will have to play with them more.
I tried this with Acrylic instead of watercolor, because when acrylics dry and then you add another color or water on top, the color below does not wash away, as watercolor does ( so I was told) so wanted to try it myself. More practise needed, but lots of potential, for backgrounds etc. Think this one was too wet. But here's one of the smaller sheets that I did.
This one is about 9 X 9 on Watercolor paper


Anonymous said...

It is very beautiful! You did a great job! Was it Acrylic with water in it that you used or did you kinda rub it together to make it smooth? You did a wonderful job! I wouldn't have known it were arcylics if you hadn't of told me. How wonderful!

Shez said...

Thank you Angela.
I mixed lots of water with a small bit of Golden's Heavy Body Acrylics, very runny for the first layers of colors. Then less water, for the emphasis of the forms, after it first dried completely, but still very watery. Hard to explain. You sort of learn as you play with the paint. I'm very much a hands on person. LOL

Anonymous said...

I am as well. I can learn better if I see it but if I read it I can at least get the idea to try it. :) SO THANKS!

jafabrit said...

that is very delicate and really nice. Love how you did the bottom one to the left.

Shez said...

Hi ya girl, how are you, hope your trip was fun. Thanks for stopping by.