Charlie Boy

Hi everyone, here's a New Speed Painting just finished, of this cute little guy named  "Charlie" from a weekend Challenge at WetCanvas. 
I've been working lately on some speed painting, to get more spontaneity, in my paintings and lively brush/ pencil/ pastel strokes . 
Don't want to think too much about the image, just do it.. 
So this is how I approached Charlie
Used Water Color Pencils, on him, and a bit of white pastel at the end.- size 9 x 12.. 
Done in around 45 mins. which is quick for me. I just walked away then, didn't dare go back, or I'd still be working on him. LOL

You will probably see more of these Speed paintings in the weeks to come.  I really like them, and it's getting my Muse working again, and my strokes are looser. 
Thanks for looking, comments and input welcome !!

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