Thought I would show you some progress steps in another painting I'm about to finish. It has involved lots of glazing, which gives the painting wonderful depth, and helps them come alive.

The last one below - more glazes, doing under layer of highlights, and defining shapes of apples, so they Pop!! Almost done. Few more glazes and colors should do it.

The Second - Started to add more detail and glazes, and shadows

The first one, just blocking in the basic colors and shapes. Oh....
the size is 12 x 12 on 2 inch gallery wrapped canvas. You have the option of framing or not with this kind of canvas. Using Acrylics.

Will let this dry for now.
What do you think, comments welcome.:)


Anonymous said...

Woooo I love these! What wonderful work! Wonderful depth and it is great to see the process! Looks like a whole new painting!
Question: Did the white come from the glaze or did you have to put white paint on there to do that? Sorry....I'm learning alot.Ya don't have to answer that if ya don't want. :)
Soooo wonderful!

jafabrit said...

the greens are very rich and the subtle reds on the right side of the apple at the front really makes the apple luscious looking.

Shez said...

Awwww.....:) Thank you Angela. Glad it looks like a new painting. That second pic is what is called the ugly stage that most paintings go through. Then it starts to take on it's look after that. I don't mind answering questions at all. The glazes are done in different colors but gradually, and more glaze than color. This one I've used greens, reds, yellows,purples, and maybe blues yet, of different hues, in different areas.
The Highlight areas, I actually used white gesso, and usually they are marked in already, Then I will go over them to make them blend in better. There are some great threads on WetCanvas, where they show you how to do this, and explain well. Are you a member?? Do you Know about WetCanvas? Let me know I can direct you there. OK :)
Jafa....My faithful friend thank you for your comments. I appreciate them, especially as it it not your style, but you always take the time.....(((Hugs))))
So this luscious that my right or the apples right??? :)

Anonymous said...

Nope...I've never heard of Wetcanvas. I'll try and look it up a little later.
Thanks for bringing that up.

Shez said...

Angela, boy you are in for a treat....WetCanvas is the largest community for Visual Artists on the Internet. We have over 100,000 members. I joined in 2003 and it’s been a great experience for me. I have met artists from all over the world, and done workshops with some very talented well known artists, who give their time freely there. Here’s the address:
go have a look. This takes you to the home page where you will find info on how to get around the site which is huge so read it, so you don't get lost.....I wandered around for 2 months before I joined. Lots to see, and loads to learn, there are Tutorials, and Lessons, and WIP's(Works in Progress) on all the different mediums...Oils, pastels, acrylics etc. I started in Dec 2003 after starting to recover from a very bad car accident 4 years previous, I had never drawn, or painted since grade school,I still don't know where the urge to paint came from, and here I am today. It's a wonderful place to learn your Art, or just enjoy doing your Art, and showing other artists.
If you want more info just ask, or if you are having trouble getting around the site(we all do at first)I'll help here, or we can email.:)

Janvangogh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love how you let the bright orangey red (cad red light perhaps?) peek out at the end.

Shez said...

Thank you for the lovely comment. You have a great site, busy woman. Will be back for more soon. :)