Was going to paint tonight, but somehow got into my sketch book, and did some experimenting with some willow vine charcoal, a study on minimal lines, and light. Sounds good huh, well, when it comes to willow vine charcoal and me, I make huge messes, all over everything. Tonight I now have a 4inch area on my light grey rug with squished charcoal, and dust all over my hands, and arms, and face, huge black marks everywhere......and I love it. I'll worry about the rug tomorrow.(Any suggestions how to get this stuff out??) Mine never turn out neat, and tidy like other artists, but I just love the feel of it, it's so light and airy to work with. 11x14. Going to do this with Acrylic, and see how it turns out in a larger size I think.


jafabrit said...

I really like this, the lighting, the shadows, cool.

Shez said...

Awww Thank you Jafa,glad you like it.