Ok, here it is, finished it on the weekend!
Found it hard to try paint myself, have trouble doing family too!! Would rather paint strangers.......hmmmmm must be some "Freud" thing about that one. Well its done, and I'm posting it.
There was a challenge on at WetCanvas in the Acrylics Forum. To post a SelfPortrait. by the end of the month. That's what this was for. This is my first of me in Acrylics, on Gallery wrapped Canvas. What do you think?


jafabrit said...

You did a great job with the hair, and the proportions, but girl you look sad :(

I get the feeling you did not like painting yourself, not sure why coz you look very pretty.

Shez said...

How right you are Jafa. Where'd you get that? Intuitive huh!! Never liked having my picture taken either. Just very self conscious and shy. I also ended up having to use a photo and the mirror, as I need glasses to see, and didn't want to add them to the painting, so that was a problem. Also had a hard time mentally painting me as I am now. Still haven't accomplished that. I tried to put the puffy sagging in but my hand didn't want to do it LOL. This looks very much like the photo, but not as old as I am now. Had fun with my hair.Used Golden's Gel Gloss and boy it gave great texture.My natural color is a chestnut,(my mom's a redhead Auburn)So I used artistic license and made it redder.It's sure hard trying trying to paint yourself. This is my first painting. I did try a graphite last year. Yuck too!! Have you done one??? ......Shez

jafabrit said...

yes, but I did it from a photo that was nice angle and from a few years ago. I will post it next blog post. Right now I don't think I would do a self portrait, I seem to have developed a few sags in just the space of two years, eeek!!!!!

jafabrit said...

well it isn't because I am vain, but really sometimes I look in the mirror and get a shock.

Shez said...

Corrine I know you're not vain.
That shock thing I understand totally.There's a whole mental process you have to go through to do a good self portrait...... me thinks. I'm way too stiff and uptight here.

Her Eye Zone Art said...

Brave woman! I run from a camera like a vampire to a cross. But this does inspire me to try a self-portrait. I'm just afraid I would end up "fudging" the truth a bit. Great job Shez!