This painting is of "Poofy" a Persian Cat of one of the Hosts
on WetCanvas from a weekend drawing event (WDE-we call it)
The first pic is my initial painting. I had decided to have him hiding
under a scarf, but wanted to have some kind of outline for the scarf,
so I blocked in the body form first, then covered it!!
Very cliché I know....but I think its cute!!
So here's.....Peek A Boo Poofy.........heh heh

Acrylic approx 4 X 12 Canvas


Anonymous said...

Wooo what a pretty cat! You did a wonderful job! I think it's cute as well! :)

Shez said...

Hi Angela thank you for your lovely comment. Your visit is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome! Honestly though, THANK YOU for sharing your art with others! I should thank you not the other way around.

Shez said...

Well Gosh Angela, that stopped me just dead in my tracks......I don't know what to say.....That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me about my art, you got me blushing, and I don't do that!!! Thank you. How kind of you to say that. You made my weekend.