I'm Back

Hi, I'm back. I've been locked out of my blog, and after many hours searching and reading, and a few emails over the days. Very frustrating one's I might add. I have access again ( for a while).
I have to say I'm terribly disappointed in the help situation that Google has set up for us bloggers. It's like no one exists, there is no one to talk to, they just give you all these pages to read that click to more pages to read and eventually you're back to the first page, and nothing is solved. Just going to the forums is an experience you don't want. Google is really pushing to get everyone converted to their New Blogger, and locked me out in the process. I know there are many more like me, out there. They wanted everyone to have been converted by 2007 and that didn't happen, so they are pushing it now. I didn't convert as I was reading all the stories of other bloggers, and how much trouble they were having. So wanted to wait till the wrinkles were worked out. Now I know the writing is on the wall, I'm going to slowly convert after I copy and save everything on my blog
first. I'll just keep repeating "Change is a good thing, Change is a good thing" and keep my fingers crossed when I switch!!

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jafabrit said...

I was wondering where the heck you were. I have to say I love the new blogger, but yes it is a pain converting (but worth it).
Glad to see you back.

Sally said...

Hi Shez,
I just had to leave a comment as I had the same exact experience with Blogger. I was fairly new to blogging(about 3 months) when I thought it would be the best thing to 'update' to the new blogger. What a mistake that was. I was completely locked out too, and when i opened a 'new' blog, i found the new blog would not allow me to upload pictures, as my version did not have the correct post editor toolbar. I was so frustrated I decided to take my blogging elsewhere. I have now moved to Wordpress(another blog engine) and it is great, they have tons of nice templates to choose from and the best thing of all is there is support staff!!Yes someone even answers your emails if you have any problems at all!!wonderful service, definately worth the switch. Just thought you might like to know. I do keep a blog account now only for leaving comments on blogger blog sites that do not allow 'anonymous' or'other' comments. This is a very annoying feature of blogger too, is that they want people to think that 'blogger' is the only blog engine out there. Believe me it's not! And it's definately lost my confidence!

Sherry said...

Time for an update!!!

Shez said...

Hi All, thank you for stopping by....
Jafa, I got back on, and then again was blocked, and I got fed up for a while, also had some medical stuff to take care of, but have missed it here, and I intend to start posting new work very often now.

Sally, took a quick stop at your blog and dropped a line there. Wow, I do like what word press has. Lots of Toys. I have to see what happens here with mine but so appreciate you leaving that info.
You know what I was going through....

Sher, yes you're right I finally did it! Worlds greatest procrastinator here!!

So it's the weekend and I may just do a WDE from WetCanvas.
See you all there maybe..... will stop by and see you soon.