Ok, so it didn't work the last time and I took a sabatical for a few weeks........Hope you guys are still with me cause.......I'm really back, and a convert to boot. Just switched like 5 minutes ago. Wanted to get that part over before the weekend, so far so good. Looks like everything is here that should be. So now I'll have the weekend to play with the rest of the new toys.
In the meantime, here's a look at my new cat Keeta, that I saved from the SPCA before Xmas. He's a year and a half, and we have had a great time getting to know one another. My little Cockatiel Kiwi, died suddenly, and I was just so lost, that I went within 2 weeks and found another little animal that needed a home. So I'm post some pictures of my guy.
Had a bit of a scare this week with that cat food recall, as he was on Iams, but the dry food. So the vet says he looks fine, and it's just the wet food they are concerned about.
That's all for now. Will be posting some paintings next.


jafabrit said...

yea! it's great to see you back. was wondering where you got to.
What lovely patterns on your cat meow, she is a groovy cat purrrrrrrrr!

leslyf said...

Hi dear Shez ... so glad that you are back. Sorry about your cockatiel thouth. But your new fella is a beautiful boy without a doubt.

Looking forward to seeing new works from you soon, (SOON, OK?) xx

Shez said...

Thanks Jafa and Lesly,

He has great markings will have to show one of his body, as he has spots too, just like the wild ones.
Makes me feel so nice to missed! Thank you you two.

Her Eye Zone Art said...

Beautiful cat. I have two of my own. I used to have a Cockatiel. They're so smart and friendly.