Just stopped by a blog that I visit and had such a great laugh I wanted to pass it along.
The blog is called "Jafabrits Art", by a wonderful Ohio Artist who goes by the name Jafabrit.
It's a You Tube video by a British Comedian and I quote how Jafabrit explains it: "Have any of you ever read an unfamiliar word and misunderstood its meaning? Here is an example by the comedian Catherine Tate called "mushroom soup" which I think is just hilarious." And so do I, click here: Catherine Tate
I must admit that just listening to the British accent was a good laugh on it's own. (sorry to all Brits, but you got to admit it's hard to understand!!)


jafabrit said...

eh up, are you taking the mickey out of us folk from the old world ;) I am so glad it made you laugh. One of the things I LOVE to do with me mum, sis, and my kids is accents and funny voices. Maybe that is why I love the goons, and the likes of this commediene. thanks for the shout out.
Have a super weekend.

Shez said...

Old world, new world, you guys are everywhere!!!!Help LOL

Anonymous said...


Can you please blog about the MAP movement over at Good or bad -- can you please let us know what you think? MAP has some lofty ideas on how to empower the art profession and change the art industry but we would love to hear your perspective and critique on the community and market venue environments. Your blog is so well read!