Hydrangea - Finished !!

Finished this today, and got it entered in the project on time!!
I'm actually quite pleased as to how it turned out. Have a couple more in mind, larger scale.
The background was an experiment for me, as I usually do a very dark one,
but wanted to play with the light and colors, hoping to give it a lovely airy flair.:)

Acrylics on 11x14in need to frame if you don't want to.


Gina said...

Oh I love it so very much, so beautiful!!!!

Shez said...

Thanks Gina!!!

khairun said...

This is so beautiful! Very peaceful and serene. Love it.

Miranda said...

Lovely! I like the way the painting fades off into the background. The only thing I'd do differently is make some of those shadows darker... then again, I'm a huge fan of high contrast! This has a nice, soft feel to it. Looking forward to the next one!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

Shez said...

Gina, Khairun, Miranda, and Helen, thank you, much appreciated your lovely remarks!! (Blush!!)Can I take you all home??? :D :)

Kim said...

I love the fragility of this work Shez!!!
thanks for your good wishes...feeling much better :))

Quilt Works said...

I love your style! Reminds me a bit of Georgia O'Keefe. I just came from a trip from New Mexico, and wrote three posts about my trip, her art, and my homage to her. If you have a chance to visit, I hope you might find it interesting!

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Delmus Phelps said...

Hi Sharron, I love the hydrangea, stumbled across your blog, cool site!

and of all the blogs in the directory to hit a fellow flower lover too!

I'll include a pic of some of my work that you can edit out if not appropriate. its from my teaching site.

My home page

the image tag won't work, but the picture is on my home page listed above.

What do you think?

good luck with your future painting, the colors are most gorgeous. lite pinks, blues, etc.

Delmus Phelps

Welsh paintings said...

Hi Shez, It seems this painting is popular. I like very much too.
I was just surfing around and came across your blog here. Keep up the good work, Chris