Sketchbook Vine Charcoal Drawing #3-Young Girl

Quick Study Sketch very rough, I played with last night. It's from a young girl riding on a merry go round, her hair flying. I centered it on her face, as I wanted to capture the movement, and her joy!!
May do a painting from this. I used charcoal and graphite, played around with some added markings and shading to give it a more abstract look. Not sure if I'm done yet, will have to look at it for a while. About 9 x 12in..... What do you think??


Helen Percy Lystra said...

You captured the movement and her joy. I like what I see... sort of... the added marks seemed to me to be distracting at first. I'll pop back and look again later.

Shez said...

Helen Hi, thanks I appreciate the feedback, especially your honesty. That's what I want. I'm not sure either for the same reasons you stated, except that the makings didn't go where or how I thought I wanted them......hows that for an explanation lol.
I like to post them, as after a day or so I do see them differently, and it sure helps. Size wise, if I did a painting, should I go larger like 16x20 or 14x16 or stay around this size??

Anonymous said...

I think the "wiped out' effect (not sure how you did it, eraser?) gives movement and mystery to the picture. I like it and will be interested to see if you can capture those same effects with paint!

sorry I can't seem to sign in with Google Bloger. This is from FuzzyBrush at wc

Shez said...

Hi FuzzyBrush, thanks for stopping by and saying hi, I appreciate your comments. I'm of the same mind as you weather I can capture that with paint will be what they call a "crap shoot" LOL, but I'm going to give it a try, I've been thinking on it. You know what I mean.........:D
I've found that sometimes with this system, it's better to sign in to Google/Blogger first, before you comment.Would like to see your blog too if you have one.