Witch, Old Hag Update!!

This is an update to the original painting wanted to give her a better background.
It's a Digi painting done in my Photoshop Elements program. Just used a Mouse and no layering.....basically cause I have never gotten to reading how to do layers as yet.....LOL
My first digi painting with a figure. If you scroll down a couple of posts, You'll find more info on my endeavors... This painting was done from a photo of some dolls in a store window.
 I like this background much better, She looks more like a painting done with acrylic or oils now.......:) 


Anonymous said...

This painting caught my attention because the colors of the background make the witch stand out and because the colors on the witch are darker then the background.

Shez said...

Thank you Anonymous for stopping by and giving me some input. Glad you think the background is doing it's job and showing her off!! :)