Portrait Of My Little Ballerina

Wonderful news, my painting has arrived.!!!
I'm so thrilled it's here. It's come all the way from San Salvador, an Island in the Bahamas.
It's a beautiful Pastel Portrait 16x20in of my Grand Daughter Julia 3yrs,. painted by a wonderful Artist and friend Li Newton. her website is   HERE..
She's a fantastic artist and photographer go have a look.
I was Host to a Weekend  Challenge at an Artist site called WetCanvas some weeks ago. One of the references I posted for the Artists was a photo taken by my daughter of Julia in her Tutu,  When I saw this painting that Li had done of her, I just had to have it, a birthday gift to myself .(big smile) Isn't it gorgeous LOL!!!


JafaBrit's Art said...

Aaaaah your grand daughter is beautiful as is the painting.

Shez said...

Awww thank you Corrine. Yes, she's got my heart, this one. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that praise and linking to my site Shar. Been a little worried that I haven't seen (as in the internet) you around. I hope all is well.

xxooxx Li

Neesa Technologies Ltd said...

ohhhhhhh is your Grand daughter painting is fanatic.

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Shez said...

Thank you Li and Nessa Tech Ltd.
I appreciate your lovely comments

Shez said...
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