Magnolia Flower Heart

New Alla Prima Speed Painting
painted for a monthly challenge in the  Floral forum at WetCanvas..The beautiful Magnolia was the flower this month.  I choose a lovely macro shot from a  wonderful reference of a Flickr member nordique under a Creative Commons Attribution License..
This was done in 45 min start to finish with Watercolor Pencils on  9 x 12 Acrylic paper.
As before, no pre drawing, just worked with the pencils, which are new to me. too, so  it was a good challenge. Hardest part is to walk away, and leave it be.(Though I must say with watercolors, that are harder to fix things with, it is easier to do that....(smile)...)  Working this quick is such a rush of adrenalin, I'm really enjoying it. Hope you enjoy.....what do you think??


Kimberly Garvey said...

I love your magnolia heart flower. So beautiful.


Shez said...

Thank you Kim, how lovely for you to stop by and leave a comment, much appreciated.Don't you just love thise beautiful flowers..... Just got back from holidays hope your's is going well.